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Date: April 15, 26 / May 2, 3, 4, 12, 13 22, 28 / June 3, 12 / September 18
Venue : Pakil, Laguna

The largest religious activity consists of seven fiestas or lupi to commemorate the seven sorrows of Our Lady of Turumba, starting before the Holy Week and every nine days thereafter and ends in the month of September, celebrated with a dancing procession.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Pakil, Laguna
Telephone No. : (049) 557-1766

Date : April 3
Venue : Luisiana, Laguna

A 5-day celebration culminating in April 3, to commemorate the Independence Day of
Luisiana. The whole celebration revolves around the Pandan plant and its by-products
like bags, hats, mats and other novelty items.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Luisiana, Laguna
Telephone No. : (049) 503-6208

Date : Fullmoon of April
Venue : Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Puerto Princesa City

A weeklong event that gathers artists and art aficionados from all over the country. Various art workshops, film showing and exhibits are the highlights of the festival.

Contact : Ms. Dinggot Prieto
Telephone No. : (048) 433-5182


Date : April (no definite date)
Venue : Liliw, Laguna

A colorful event that highlights the parade of floats featuring the agricultural and industrial
products of Liliw, a parade of bird mascots reminding the people of the origin of the name “Liliw”. Katutubong Palaro, Gabi ng Harana, musical arts and painting contests and the Gawad Parangal for outstanding Liliweños for their exemplary service to the community are among the highlight activities of the festival.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Liliw, Laguna
Telephone No. : (049) 563-1001


Date : April 11 - 17
Venue : Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna
The La Laguna Festival – The Festival of Life pays tribute to Laguna Lake, long regarded as one of the “Living Lakes of the World” where the culture and history of the people of Laguna revolve around. The festival aims to create a greater appreciation of the progress and development of the province, the excellence of its human resources and their desire to preserve Laguna Lake, the largest lake in the Philippines and the third largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.

The La Laguna Festival is a week-long celebration that highlights the biodiversity of the lake and the rich natural resources of Laguna. It showcases a variety of competitions such as the dragon boat race, brass bands competition, flora and fauna farms, cookfest, trade fair and the choreographed sound and sight fireworks competition.

The festival is organized by the Provincial Government in cooperation with the Municipal and City Mayors of Laguna.

Contact : Mr. Delto Michael A. Abarquez, Jr., Provincial Government of Laguna
Telephone No. : (049) 501-3323 / 501-8212 / (0916) 538-1157 / (0908) 897-4071


Date : April 13 - 17
Venue : Nagcarlan, Laguna

A roster-full of activities highlighting an agricultural fair that exhibits the town’s bountiful harvests and products. A musical festival, children’s sports competition, cultural events enhance the harvest celebration.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Nagcarlan, Laguna
Telephone No. : (049) 563-1202


Date : April 16
Venue : Rosario, Batangas

It is a Lenten celebration of commemorating the life and passion of Jesus Christ
starting on Ash Wednesday.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Rosario, Batangas
Telephone No. (043)-321-2561


Date : Holy Week
Venue : Boac, Gasan and Mogpog, Marinduque

A festival of the Moriones, colorfully garbed and masked soldier and centurions;
culminates in the re-enactment of thebeheading of Longinus. The entire towns of
Boac, Mogpog and Gasan are virtually converted into huge stages as the story of
Longinus unfolds.

Contact : Provincial Tourism Office, Province of Marinduque
Telephone No. : (042) 332-1177


Date : Holy Week
Venue : Cainta, Rizal

Passion plays called cenaculo are held in various places all over the Philippines during
Holy Week. However in Cainta, Rizal people go to the streets to witness passion plays participated by the town folks.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Cainta, Rizal
Telephone No. : (02) 655-0846 local 202 / 387-2992


Date : Holy Week
Venue : Taytay and Tanay, Rizal

A group of men, after feasting and doing an overnight meditation, gather around the
church to await the Santo Entierro, a wooden statue of the dead Christ. They rush forward to insert various objects in the folds of the robes, under the feet, in the hallow of the hands. The image is then loaded with handkerchiefs, bronze medals and pieces of paper inscribed with Latin phrases. The float is encircled by the men with linked hands. After the procession, these men retrieve the objects from the image, then followed by the ritual called Subok, the testing of the talisman by using whips, revolvers, knives, machetes and bolo throughout the afternoon and evening until Holy Saturday. Each one tests the effectiveness of his talisman by requesting another man to shoot or stab him.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Taytay, Rizal /Tanay, Rizal
Telephone No. : Taytay – (02) 284-4770 / 284-4765
Tanay – (02) 654-1002


Date : Holy Thursday
Venue : San Juan, Batangas

Traditional celebration of reading “pasyon” that depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Contact : Municipal Tourism Office, San Juan, Batangas
Telephone No. : (043) 575-3210

ANG HATOL …… (The Way of the Cross)

Date : Good Friday
Venue : Cainta, Rizal

A stage presentation that highlights the judgment of Pontius Pilate on Jesus Christ.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Cainta, Rizal
Telephone No. : (02) 655-0846 local 202 / 387-2992


Date : Good Friday
Venue : Binangonan, Rizal

It is a play executed every Good Friday by replaying the funeral of Jesus Christ through a
procession. Due to the influx of tourists, devotees and other people trying to touch the
Sepulkro, sways, hence it was named Giwang-giwang . People searching for an
amulet or anting-anting join this religious observance.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Binangonan, Rizal
Telephone No. : (02) 652-0163 / 652-0553


Date : Black Saturday/Easter Sunday
Venue : Angono, Rizal

Black Saturday is highlighted by a 3-hour presentation of “Vigilia na Muling
Pagkabuhay” at the patio of the church. On Easter Sunday, a celebration is to
reenact the reunion of the Risen Christ with the Virgin Mary. It is facilitated by the removal
of the mourning veil from Virgin Mary’s head by a young girl inside an inverted giant paper
flower suspended from bamboo trellises. The petals are mechanically opened by giant toy
birds to reveal the girl inside. It is then followed by a religious dancing of young ladies
called “Kapitana” and “Tenyenta”, to the tune of “Bati”.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Angono, Rizal
Telephone No. : (02) 651-0062 / 451-1033


Date : April 25
Venue : Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
According to an old story, the early settlers of Pinamalayan came from Marinduque. While on their way to Mindoro using their boats, they encountered turbulent weather and lost their direction. They prayed to God Almighty for deliverance and guidance so the weather cleared and a rainbow appeared on the horizon. The crew shouted ipinamalay meaning “it was made known”. They followed the direction of the rainbow and landed at what is now Barangay Lumangbayan and established the first settlement which they named Pinamalayan. The rainbow became the historical landmark of the town. The yearly Bahaghari Festival is a colorful commemoration of the importance of the rainbow in the history of the town of Pinamalayan. The celebration includes a street dancing competition, cultural presentations, religious and cultural activities, products and trade fair. Like the rainbow which rises to give color in the sky after the torrent of rain, the Bahaghari Festival is a reflection of the continuing effort of the people of Pinalamayan that there is truly paradise at the end of the rainbow.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 284-3146 / 443-1486


Date : April 27-30
Venue : San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

The festival incorporates the exhibition of the cultural heritage of Mindoro’s ethnic communities.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, San Jose, Occidental, Mindoro
Telephone No. : (043) 491-7950


Date : Last Saturday of April
Venue : San Agustin, Romblon

Kalipayan in the native tongue of the people of San Agustin means “festivity” or “merry making”. It is being held every last Saturday of April to promote and highlight the cultural and eco tourism sites of the municipality.

Contact : Office of the Mayor, San Agustin, Romblon
Telephone No. (02) 435-0083 / (0920) 900-6393 / (0918) 941-4690


Date : April 30 – May 31
Venue : Antipolo City, Rizal
Every May time, many pilgrims are seen taking the much-trodden path leading to Antipolo. It is the small town that one can find the religious Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo. The image, which is already three centuries-old, is said to exhibit supernatural powers. To this day, many families visit the shrine and at the same time organize picnic activities in the cold hills of Antipolo. In the evening of April 30 to the eve of May 1, thousands of devotees from several places in Metro Manila make annual trek on the foot to Antipolo.

A street dancing competition is a major activity of the festival.

Contact : City Tourism Office, Antipolo City, Rizal
Telephone No. : (02) 661-1880


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