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Butuan city is popularly known for its colorful history and culture. It is located at the northeastern part of Agusan valley, sprawling across the Agusan River. Butuan’s history, culture, arts and people date back to the 4th century which made it an exciting source of cultural facts in Mindanao.

As doorway and regional center of Caraga, it is also best destination for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibits Center (MICE) of the region.

The city icon is the “Balangay” boat. It was excavated at Ambangan. Libertad, Butuan City. Other artifacts were also found on the same site. The Butuan boats or the balangays are similar to the contemporary Badjao/Sama Lauts lepa boat and barangay boat described in the 17th century A.D by the Spanish friar (Source: “Patterns of the Past: The Ethno Archeology of Butuan” by Ms. Cembrano.). Only in Butuan and no other locality in the Philippines or in Southeast Asia has there been such rare and extensive recovery of these maritime vessels and the cultural relics associated with an affluent, seafaring people in this part of the globe.

The shining jewel of Northern Mindanao continues to glitter amidst rich natural beauty and community initiatives to build an environment truly befitting that of a most livable city. With numerous come-ons for leisure and adventure dotting its 54 barangays, 21 of which are in the 17 islands and islets within its jurisdiction. Surigao emerges as the destination of choice in this part of the country.

Its wide array of beaches ranging from the fine white sands in the islands to the uniquely pebbled ones west of the city mainland, have stood the test of time. Despite incursion of human activities, it has remained home to crystal clear waters and the romantic backdrop of lofty coconut palms. Add the thrill and excitement of paddling along emerald waterways in more than 1,800 hectares of mangrove forest, crossing two islands on foot probably the country’s longest wooden footbridge and the subterranean adventure of the numerous pre-historic limestone caves. Surigao City indeed offers great tropical heat.

Bislig is a component city of Surigao del Sur, Located at the Southeastern coast of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean. One of its major tourist attraction is the Tinuy-an Falls. It is the most astounding and widest waterfalls in the country.

Tinuy-an is a three-tiered falls with wide swimming/bathing area of 95 meters backdropped with giant ferns along the river banks, multi-layered riverbed of stones skillfully crafted by nature. The falls is enclosed by a heavily forested hill where one can also go trekking and bathing in its cool, refreshing cascading water.

Tandag City is one of the oldest settlements in Caraga with great wealth of natural resources. The twin Islands of Linungao are said to be the living witnesses of the early Tandag. It is considered as the city’s icon. These are big and small islands with veritable havens of white sand, multi-faceted rocks fringed with skyscraping trees dominated by monkeys, species of birds and interestingly the habitat of age-old bats.

The Twin Islands have vast untapped potentials. Be captivated by the panoramic view of nature at its best. One can enjoy activities such as observing wildlife, cave exploration and scuba diving along the channels of Mangcagangi and Linungao.

Cabadbaran City has a lot to offer with its rich culture, history and ecotourism destinations.

One of its historical attractions is the ancestral houses which are predominantly old Spanish architecture. It also boasts of ecotourism adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, boating, canoeing and more.

Bayugan City got its name from “bayug” trees which grow abundantly in the area. The city is proud of its rich culture. Many indigenous peoples such as the Manobo, Banwaon or Higainon tribes consider Bayugan City as their home.

Bayugan City is also host a majestic waterfall called Gethsemane Falls, an invigorating escape to the humdrum to the humdrum of urban life.

Surigao del Norte is a group of islands at the rim of the Asian continental shelf. It is located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao facing the Philippine Deep. It is bounded on the north and east by the vast Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Sur, and on the west by the historic Surigao Strait.

Siargao Island, the Surfing Capital of the Philippines is the province’s icon. It is an unspoiled teardrop shaped island emerging as one of the finest water sport destinations in the country. Aside from surfing, one can also do sea kayaking, body boarding, island hopping and more. The Island has a long stretch of white sand beaches, hidden caves and lagoons, mangrove swamps, magnificent rock formations and mountain lakes.

Agusan del Norte is a second – class province and the smallest in Caraga Region. It’s northeastern and western parts are mountainous. In between are flat, rolling lands particularly where the Agusan River cuts through as it implies into Butuan Bay. Agusan was named after a Malay word “agasan” meaning “where water flows” probably because of the mighty river that traverses the area.

Lake Mainit, the province’s icon, a confluence of 28 rivers. It is situated 30 meters above sea level and most pristine. It is known for its pidjanga, gabot, banak, haw-an, gingaw igi and kasili, and is a natural habitat to some endangered Philippine flora and fauna. Migratory birds, native flowers: pagusi and and tabukali and the country’s oldest tribe, the Mamanwa, are it’s added attractions.

Dinagat Islands is a newly created province which was formerly part of Surigao del Norte Province. It bears the brand name “Mystical Island Province of Love”. The people called it as the place of unexplored natural wonders.

One of the enchanting sights is the “Bonsai Forest” located at Mt. Redondo in the Municipality of Loreto, Dinagat Islands. It is a unique forest where unusual bonsai plants abound. The province has identified it as its major tourism icon.

Dinagat Islands is also the host to the Bat Sanctuary of Tubajon, the Kisses Islets of Libjo and the Rock Formations of Basilisa which are among the amazing the wonders of the islands.

Surigao del Sur, the Shangrila by the pacific s I the Northeastern coast of Mindanao facing tha Pacific Ocean. Mother Nature has provided the province with numerous captivating destinations. Its enchanting caves, rolling hills, tropical rain forest, waterfalls, long coastlines, fine sand unpolluted waters and rich marine life have sculptured a number of beaches and dive sites.

The White Beach in Cagwait, famous for its horse shoe cove white sand is among the pride of its people.

It is Surigao del Sur’s icon which is considered as a tourist haven. Discover this enchanting hideaway just 35 minutes away from Tandag City.

Surigao del Sur also offers marine ground teeming with seafoods like squids, “budas”, “lapu-lapu”, lobsters and sea urchin locally known as “tuyum”. Its rivers abound with “sugpo” or “lokon” crabs and fish.

Local and foreign tourist visit Cagwait to witnesss the Kaliguan Festival every 24th of June highlighted with beach dancing and the search for Perlas of Kaliguan.

Agusan del Sur is a landlocked provice. It has 14 municipalities and one congressional district. It is bounded on the north by Agusan del Sur, on the east by Surigao del Sur, on the South by Davao del Norte and on the west by Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon. It is home to the Manobo and Higainon tribes.

The province is blessed with very rich biodiversity. It boasts of the Agusan Marsh wildlife Sanctuary, branded as a Mystical Wetland in the northeastern part of Mindanao. It is the largest marshland in Asia with 126.000 hectares. It is home to some of the world’s endangered flora and fauna. It is a known habitat for more than 250 species of birds. Agusan Marsh is also home to indigenous Manobo people, who live in clusters of wood and bamboo houses built on rafts of floating logs.

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