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Valesol Haven
U.P. Los Baņos Campus,Los Baņos

This half-hectare farm is where tropical flowers and orchid varieties such as with cattleyas, dendrobiums, vandas, waling-waling, anthuriums in various stages of growth are raised. Mr. Carlos Lazaro, its owner, also provides lectures on orchid and anthurium propagation

Boy Scouts of the Philippines Camp
Mt. Makiling, Los Baņos, Laguna

The BSP grounds were developed to host the 10th World Jamboree of the Boy Scouts. The site continues to be an ideal site in the foothill of Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve for trekking, camping and the enjoyment of nature.

Makiling Botanical Garden
U.P. Los Baņos Campus College of Forestry

The Makiling Botanical Garden (MGB) was started in September 1965 to support professional instruction and research related to forestry and plant sciences. It has served the needs of eco-tourism as well as the educational and recreational needs of the general public. MGB occupies 300 hectares of forest land distributed into three main sections composed of the Aboretum, Nursery, and Recreational areas. There are 1,060 genera; 2,087,150 varieties, 2 culvinators of flowering plants and ferns representing 209 families of flowering plants and ferns in the Mount Makiling area. An exhibit of Philippine wildlife in a diorama can be viewed in the pavilion. Mini waterfalls, gurgling creeks, natural swimming pool, concrete trails as well as nature trails are attractions at the MGB.

Maria Makiling Park
U.P. Los Baņos Campus

Maria Makiling was considered as a goddess in the local folklore of the Southern Tagalog region. She is said to reside on top of the tallest mountain in Laguna. Through time, the people who lived at the foot of the mountain venerated her for abundant harvests. A mini Maria Makiling Park located near University of the Philippines Los Baňos Alumni Center was constructed as a tribute to the great bio-diversity; outstanding natural and cultural assets of Mt. Makiling.

Lake Caliraya
Cavinti, Laguna

Lake Caliraya is a man-made lake built by American and Filipino engineers in the 1930’s to provide hydroelectric power in the region. The Lake is situated at 1,200 feet above the sea level, with cool winds, clear waters and lush greenery which is an ideal area for leisure and natured based activities.

Turumba Swimming Pools (Panghulo)
Pakil, Laguna

The Turumba swimming pools, also known as Nuestra Seņora de los Dolores de Turumba and the Doņa Aurora A. Quezon swimming pool is a source of livelihood and income for the local government and the local population. It is also the main source of potable water and irrigation. In the olden days it was a swampy place where tuber and ferns grew in abundance. It was only in 1732 when Fr. Fernando de Haro supervised the clearing of the place during the construction of the church. During the worst drought in 1771, Fr. Juan Valladeras enclosed the spring and constructed the irrigation canals up to Sambal River, which was completed on 1804. In 1924, the big stone at the center of the spring was crushed and the remains can still be seen beneath the main pool. During the visit of Doņa Aurora A. Quezon in 1938, on her recommendation and patronage, the swimming pool was constructed, and was thereafter named in her honor.

The Danilo Daleňa’s House of Paintings
Pakil, Laguna

The provincial residence of a famous artist, the house has received visitors who admire the collection of his painted works of art. Daleňa, a son of the town of Pakil, has enhanced the touristic appeal of this town with the restoration of this residence where his collection of art works are displayed.

The E & R Artwork Shop
Pakil, Laguna

Fancy softwood carvings are artistically carved out of single piece of wood with use of simple knife by local craftsmen. Many items of fine carving ideal for gifts and souvenirs are sold here.

Wawa Park
Paete, Laguna

Jutting out into the Laguna de Bay parallel to the Paete River and nestled between ricefields is an area of varied use. During summer months, it is a site for local concerts and local food kiosks. The park has a pavilion where people congregate for sightseeing and relaxation amidst a serene seascape.

Dagatan Boulevard
Sampalok Lake, San Pablo City

The 3,832-kilometer peripheral road of Sampalok Lake has a good potential as a tourist attraction for its quaint setting with a community of homes, local seafood restaurants and leisure pursuits like promenading, biking and sports set in the beautiful environs of the lake.

Sampalok Lake Staircase ( Hagdang Bato)
Trece Martines Street, San Pablo City

A concrete set of stairs leading to and from Sampalok Lake. A famous local landmark, and now a part of the official seal of San Pablo City. It was constructed in November 1915 on a site which is now a part of Doņa Leonila Mini- Forest Park. Divided into five sections, it has a total of 89 steps.

Public Plaza
Rizal Avenue, San Pablo City

Right at the center of the city that leads to the San Pablo Cathedral, the monument to Dr. Jose P. Rizal prominently marks the center of the plaza. The main road leading to the plaza is dotted with beautifully sculpted lamp posts with globe-shaped bulbs have identified San Pablo City as an eminent chartered city in the Province of Laguna.


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