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Zigzag Road (also referred to as Bitukang Manoko or Eme Road)
Quezon National Park

Located in the middle of the Quezon National Park, its curves are so tight and the road so steep that vehicles have to literally inch their way up. Around the roadsides are lush vegetation and the forest growth of the Quezon National Park.

Maharlika Highway, Atimonan, Quezon

Located along the main highway, sculpture of Sirena is an interesting sight for the motorists. The Sirena (Mermaid) is a copy of the sculpture of Little Mermaid in Denmark. Like the one in Denmark, it also sits on top of a big boulder. It is located along the beach of Lamon Bay.

Japanese Tunnel
Barangay Matinik, Lopez, Quezon

The tunnel is located right along the tracks before reaching Hondagua.

Lucban Town
Lucban, Quezon

The town of Lucban, celebrates one of the country’s biggest, and most colorful harvest festivals every May 15, along with the towns of Tayabas, Sariaya, Gumaca, Tiaong, and Lucena City, the festivities are the Philippines best known harvest festivals to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron of farmers. Known as “Pahiyas” , the festival is deeply rooted in the traditional celebration of the townsfolk in thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. Decorations called “Kiping”, leaf-shaped and multi-colored rice paste wafers which are used to decorate the facades of the homes along with the fruits and flowers from nature. The visual and culinary feast has gained national and international renown. The Lucban town center is a permanent facility for merchandising crafts and delicacies including special events that showcases the lifestyle of its environs.

Balagtas Sports Complex
Zone IV – Poblacion, Atimonan, Quezon

It provides adequate space for recreational activities

Hunters ROTC Veterans Park
Barangay Tagbakin, Atimonan, Quezon

It is a park located at the gateway of the Poblacion, built in memory of the brave Atimonan soldiers who fought during the Japanese war.

Leon Guinto Boulevard
Zone IV – Poblacion, Atimonan, Quezon

It is a place for scenic viewing of Lamon Bay and Alabat Island.

The Mermaid Along Lamon Bay
Maharlika Highway, Atimonan, Quezon

A well-known landmark along the coastal national road going to the Bicol region is supposed to signify the marine nature of the livelihood of the municipality. The place is also called Lamon Bay. The mermaid is a copy of the sculpture of the Little Mermaid in Denmark. Like the one in Denmark, it also sits on top of a big boulder. It is located along the beach of Lamon Bay.

Roman Catholic Park
Barangay Zone IV – Poblacion, Atimonan, Quezon

It is a mini-park located in front of the Roman Catholic Church.

San Diego Park
Barangay Villa Bota, Gumaca, Quezon

It is also known as the park outside the town because it is located 2 kilometers away from the Poblacion.

Gumaca Rizal Park
Barangay Rizal, Gumaca, Quezon

Built in 1935 during the incumbency of Eriberto Caparros, By the year 1982, it was modernized, renovated and lighted.

Marcos Tigla Park
Lucban, Quezon

Formerly known as Paseo Rizal, named after the legendary founder and first Governadorcillo of Lucban, the park is the site of fine monuments and other structures, including the Idyll of the Sea and the Fountain of Wisdom, which symbolize a mother transferring wisdom to her son.

Caprichosa Park
Lucban, Quezon

Located at the eastern approach of the Poblacion, it affords visitors a panoramic view of the town. It is presently being developed as a potential tourist spot because of its ideal location and cozy environment. A monument called Bantayog ng mga Bayani was built in this place to commemorate the heroic struggle of the WWII veterans of Lucban.

Rizal Park
Lucban, Quezon

Formerly known as Plaza Dela Revolution, it is one of the finest masterpieces of art in the country. The monument stands as a magnificent sculpture, made in perfect proportion as viewed from any angle. It illustrates the skillful talent of the famous Lucbanin artist, Ishmael Villaseñor, who was widely popular in international expositions during those days. Built in 1915, the park is still the favorite place for relaxation.

Manuel L. Quezon Monument
Perez Park, Lucena City, Quezon

It was erected in memory of the First President of the Philippines Commonwealth, who is known as “Ama ng Wikang Filipino” in support to his full measure of devotion and service to the cause of Philippine independence from the United States.

Quezon Provincial Capitol
Lucena City

This provincial government site of Quezon Province was built on a seven-hectare lot donated in 1908 by its former Governor, Don Felimon E. Perez.

Quezon Theme Park
Sampaloc, Quezon

This municipality is being developed as the “Theme Park” of the province. Sampaloc is a typical model Filipino community because of its culture, especially with the bayanihan spirit still widely practiced by the people. It was also adjudged as the cleanest municipality in Quezon in the 90s.

Kalilayan Center
Lucena City

Constructed at the back of the Governor’s Mansion, it is frequently used as venue for various Cultural and Tourism activities. The motif was designed by Ugu Bigyan, a well-known mural and pottery artist depicting Pahiyas festivals of Quezon Province.

Governor’s Mansion
Lucena City, Quezon

This is the official residence of the past governors of the province and is now used as guesthouse for visitors. It is located in front of the Perez Park, overlooking the impressive plaza.

D & G Farms
Brgy. Masalakot I, Candelaria, Quezon

The site is a family farm which breeds pigs, fighting cocks, orchids and fruit trees. A river near it is also being developed to become a natural swimming pool. Those who may want to visit the piggery will have to take a bath for quarantine reasons


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