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Aquino Center
Location Tarlac City, Tarlac
Address Hacienda Luisita, San Miguel, Tarlac City
Description The Aquino Center is located along the periphery of Hacienda Luisita. Built by the Aquino Foundation in 2001, the sprawling complex was envisioned as a venue for education and interaction regarding issues related to governance, peace and democracy. The center has ample rooms and facilities for meetings, conferences and social gatherings. The Grand Ballroom may be divided to seat 300-350 people at a time or opened to accommodate 700 theater-type. A spacious lobby area is ideal for guest registrations. Three seminar rooms may be rented for meetings. Each room is expandable to sit from 20 to 45 people. The function room can accommodate 50-90 people and can be divided into two if a smaller area is required. There is a state-of-the art, 88-seat audio-visual room great for audio visual presentations. Upon requests, the center provides most of the technical equipment needed to facilitate meetings. Meals are provided by a list of accredited caterers. Museum hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Open everyday Phone (63 45) 985-0968 / 0969 or email: aquinocenter@ncaf.ph

Basa Museum
Floridablanca, Pampanga
Nestled at the center of Basa Air Base in Floridablanca, Pampanga amidst cool shade of trees, Basa Museum contains a collection of aircrafts that flew the Philippine skies and guarded our homeland. The salute of Lt. Cesar Basa is at the center of the museum surrounded by various jet aircrafts - a fitting symbol to a war hero who gave up his life for our country. The F-51 "Mustang" is perhaps the oldest aircraft in the museum. The T-33A trainer or "T-Bird" is the first jet aircraft in 1955 and served the air force for 38 years. The Sabre jets have their rightful place in the museum too which were the cradle of the famous Blue Diamonds. Truly, a visit to the museum affords visitors a glimpse of the glorious past of the 5th Fighter Wing and a vision of our future.

Bishop Deogracias Iniguez Museum
Iba, Zambales
Located on the ground floor of the Bishop Byrne Diocesan Pastoral Center, the museum serves as not only as a permanent repository of religious art of the Diocesan Commission on Archives and Museum , but also as a venue for seasonal exhibits showcasing the religious and cultural heritage of the region. It features some interesting pieces such as the primitive renditions of San Pedro y Pablo in coral stone which probably date back to the 17th century. There is also an interesting vintage photograph of the Flores de Mayo participants inside the church , circa 1929. The museum was designed by Rei Gana Nicolas who used simple lines and dignivifed colors to shape and utilize every nook and cranny of the museum facility. Also the branchild of Vice Mayor Benjamin Farin, Jr.

Bocaue Museum
Bocaue, Bulacan
This museum houses a collection of municipal antiques and a priceless array of artifacts that depict the town's culture and traditions.

Bulacan Museum
Capitol Cpd., Bulacan
The Museo ng Bulacan (Bulacan Museum) houses a collection of valuable relics and mementos, articles, documents and handicrafts of the Philippine revolution. Located in Malolos to promote the cultural heritage and tradition of the province. It is under the management of the Provincial Government of Bulacan.

Clark Museum and Museong Kapampangan
Clark, Pampanga
The museum showcases the rich historical past of Clark, as a former US military base and its dramatic metamorphosis into a special economic zone and eventually, as a world-class aerotropolis. This is depicted in countless pictures, scenic dioramas, true-to-life replicas and murals, artifacts and others. It is also a tribute to the resilient Filipinos who strive to reshape their future despite ravages of war and the wrath of nature. A special section is dedicated to the Thomasites - the first American teachers in the Philippines - in vivid photographs. The Kapampangan Museum showcases Pampanga's rich history and culture thru a huge collection of artifacts and photographs of famous heroes and celebrities from the province. Among the Kapampangan luminaries depicted are Philanthropist Don Honorio Ventura, literary genius Juan Crisostomo Soto, President Diosdado Macapagal, Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr., Cardinal Rufino Santos, Justice Jose Abad Santos and Sen. Gil J. Puyat.

CLSU Agricultural Museum
Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija
A socio-cultural arm for information in Central Luzon, this is the first and the only agricultural showcase of its kind in the country. The materials on display are preserved and maintained to promote the cultural heritage of the Filipinos in Central Luzon. The museum has (6) sections: rice and vegetables planting implements, household/homegrown indigenous utensils, personal apparels, hunting and fishing implements.

CLSU Living Fish Museum
Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija
The museum showcases indigenous and tropical freshwater fishes collected from different provinces in Luzon. It has a collection of indigenous fishes, ornamental freshwater fishes, reptiles, mollusks and aquatic plants. Among these collections are: climbing perch, eel, mudskipper, mullet mudfish, Thai and native catfish, common carp, half beak, Japanese loach, snake skinned gourami, arowana, angel fish, golden shark, Jewel cichlid, tiger barb, zebra danio, etc. The collected fishes reptiles, mollusks and aquatic plants are being studied and propagated by the CLSU Freshwater Aquaculture Center.

Gallery of Kapampangan Artists
Clark, Pampanga
Staged by the members of the Pampanga Arts Guild, the gallery features works of art, paintings, art installations using various media.

Hawong: Ayta Museum
Clark, Pampanga
A glimpse of how the indigenous people of Pampanga known as Ayta lived. Various tools, ornaments, herbs and photographs are displayed.

Holy Angel University Center for Kapampangan Studies
Angeles City, Pampanga
Envisioned to preserve and promote the Kapampangan cultural heritage, the Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies hopes to contribute to the total development of the Kapampangan and eventually the Filipino nation and the global community as well. It houses a research center, library and archives, museum and gallery, and a theater. The center has a 7-minute audio-visual presentation of Kapampangan history and culture; a Kapampangan Timeline, which gives a sweep of history from the Stone Age to the 21st century; mural maps (an ethnolinguistic map and a map of La Pampanga province in the 1700's); photomural of the known and little known landmarks and landscapes in Pampanga, and a gallery of 100 faces of commonfolk, collected from every town in the Kapampangan region, arranged according to birth from 1900 to 1999. It is one of few schools in the country that house the works of National Artists, such as (1) the death masks of Ninoy Aquino Jr. and Fernando Poe Jr. done by NAPOLEON ABUEVA of Bohol (declared National Artist for Sculpture in 1976); (2) the Lorenzo Ruiz beatification mural done by JOSE MA. ZARAGOZA of Guagua (declared National Artist for Architecture in 2014); and (3) hundreds of pencil and charcoal sketches of VICENTE MANANSALA of Macabebe (declared National Artist for Visual Arts in 1981). It is located inside the compound of Holy Angel University in Sto. Rosario St., Angeles City. For reservation, please contact Mr. Robert Tantingco, Tel. No. (63 45) 888-8691 loc 311/312/313 or 888-2514/625-9620 Email rptmt@yahoo.com or kcenter@hau.edu.ph Website www.hau.edu.ph/kcenter. Visiting Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday at 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Entrance fee for non-HAU users at P10 only.

Leonor Rivera Museum
Camiling, Tarlac
This houses personal articles and furnitures owned by Rivera, and letters written by Dr. Jose Rizal for Leonor Rivera whom the national hero immortalized in his novels as Maria Clara. Contact Information: Mrs. Ruby Subiate, MPDC, Municipality of Camiling Tel. No. (045) 934-1801 / 0918-547-4838 Email: rubysubiate@yahoo.com

Magsaysay Ancestral House and Museum
Castillejos, Zambales
This is the same house where the late President Ramon Magsaysay, popularly known as "The Guy", grew up. At present, it is a a museum that contains his memorabilla. Born in 1907, Iba, Zambales, Magsaysay was the third president of the third Philippine Republic (December 31, 1953 - March 17, 1957). As secretary of national defense in 1950, he was instrumental in breaking the backbone of the Hukbalahap movement in Central Luzon. He died in a plane crash on March 17, 1957 at Mt. Manunggal in the province of Cebu after presiding over three graduation exercises as guest speaker the day before.

Museo ning Angeles
Sto. Rosario St., Sto. Rosario Heritage District, Angeles City, Pampanga
The edifice was built in 1922 and served as the Municipio or town hall; it replaced the former La Casa Tribunal built during the construction boom of 1840. Built of typical Bahay na Bato (stone house) with a thatched roof, its location was about 20 yards to the south of the present structure since the present site was the town “Palenque” or public market. In 1855 the market place was razed down by a great fire that endangered the wooden church and the old residences along Sto. Rosario Street, including the La Casa Tribunal. For several decades, it served as the town hall of the city until it was transferred to a much bigger building in Brgy. Pulung Cacutud in the same city, thus paving the way to its conversion into what it is now. Today, the museo showcases the history, lifestyle and culture of the Angelenos. It houses the "Balikdan" (a short narration of the chronological account of the city's history thru photos, illustrations and memorabilia), "Munika" (Kapampangan traditions and values depicted by Patis Tesoro's Ninay dolls such as The Kusinang Kapampangan, Pascu Na, Manduruquit, etc.), Culinarium (dedication to Kapampangan culinary art and science through exhibits and cooking demonstrations), and the Reynaldo G. Alejandro Culinary Library. From the time it opened in the year 1999, it has been a beehive of activity from exhibits, art classes, concerts, venue for performances and climax for traditional celebrations. Contact Information Ms. Joy Cruz (Executive Director), Old Municipal Bldg., Sto. Rosario St., Sto. Rosario Heritage District, Angeles City, Phone (63 45) 887-4703 Mobile 0915-421-6606 Email angelesmuseo_kfi@yahoo.com Website www.angelesmuseum.com / Managed by Kuliat Foundation Inc.

Museo Novo Ecijano
Provincial Capitol Bldg., Palayan City
The Novo Ecijano Museum was established to feature the history and culture of the people of Nueva Ecija thru vivid photographs, exhibits, historical artifacts and mementos, and dioramas.

NHI Ecclesiastical Museum
Malolos, Bulacan
An ecclesiastical museum managed by the National Historical Institute where religious artifacts and religious mementos of the province are displayed. Also featured is the Barasoain Light and Sound Museum built in time for the celebration of the centennial of Philippine independence in 1998.

Olongapo City Museum
Olongapo City Convention Center , Old Hospital Rd., East Tapinac Olongapo City
The museum showcases the rich historical and cultural heritage of Olongapo City, chronicling its various stages of transformation over the years, from the city's humble beginnings as a small fishing village inhabited by native Aetas, to a Navy town, to a successful military base conversion and economic independence after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, and its subsequent growth and development from an ordinary municipality into a vibrant city and a progressive community. The museum also features 2 exhibit halls, a conference/multi-purpose room, a patio and parking space. For further deails, please contact Admin Office at Tel. No. (63-47) 223-6470 / 224-1471 Email at occc@email.com

San Fernando Museum and Archives
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Located at the University of the Assumption in San Fernando, this permanent repository enshrines the Kapampangan's handiwork and possessions that depict their customs, traditions and way of life, as well as their philosophy and rich Catholic faith. It contains the cultural heritage of the Roman Catholic Church in Pampanga such as church vessels and vestments, and exquisite santos and religious works of art. Prior reservations must be made with the Archdiocese of San Fernando before one can visit the museum. Tel. No. (63 45) 961-2639.


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