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Navotas Fish Port
Manila Bay provides Navotas with bountiful source of fish and other marine products, which constitute the basic diet of the town's residents. Navotas, home to low marginal fisherman and big time trawlers, own the most modern sophisticated fishing boats dominating the fishing ground of the country today. Marketing of the catch is done in a modern market complex known as Navotas Fishery Port, premiere fish center of the Philippines with an area of 47.5 hectares and one of the largest in Asia under the supervision of PFDA (Philippine Fisheries Development Authority). It is a traditional landing place of commercial fishing boats operating in various fishing grounds in the Philippines situated on a 47.5-hectare reclaimed land at the Northeastern section of Manila Bay. Within the complex is a thriving fishing industry, supplying fish in major markets of Metro manila. Thousands of buyers visit the port daily where an estimated 20 commercial fishing vessels call port and unload a total volume of about 800 tons. Overland vehicles from different provinces also bring in addition, another volume of 50 tons. Outside the complex is a business center with banks, markets, restaurants, and recreational facilities.

Dry-Docking Facilities
Though Navotas is not gifted with vast areas of lands filled with attractions, it is home to almost all vessels in the archipelago with its many dry docking facilities along the riverside which can accommodate any type of vessel from fishing boats, passenger vessels, cargo vessels, towing vessels to barges. Dry docking facilities available are as follows:

Floating Dry Dock - Located inside PFDA to accommodate large vessels, for dry docking above sea water.

Raid Type Dry Docking - Uses a rail and cable pulled by machine to get the vessel off the water.

Belt Type Docking - Uses a large 4 wheeled boom with belts of hard materials which are lowered to the water and shipped to the bull of the vessel to easily carry and place it to any part of the shipyard.

San Jose de Navotas Parish Church
Soon to be the Shrine of St. Joseph in the Diocese of Navotas, the parish church is the oldest in the municipality, established in 1838-1862.


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