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Nueva Ecija

Araquio of Penaranda
Date Last Sunday of May
Venue Penaranda, Nueva Ecija
Description Held every 2nd Sunday of May, in Penaranda, Nueva Ecija, the Araquio Festival is a traditional procession and dramatization of the finding of the Holy Cross by St. Helena and her son, the Emperor Constantine, where Jesus Christ was crucified. Similarly, the komedya or moro-moro carries on in some villages such as Poblacion (2nd Sunday of May), Las Pinas (May 11 - 12), Sto. Tomas (1st Sunday of May), San Joseph (3rd Sunday of May) and Sinisajan (May 21-122) including Brgy Callos. Dating back from the Spanish colonial period, the festival features vivacious beats of brass bands, spirited choreography and moving voices embraced with a daunting literary piece. Written in ancient Tagalog, the script tells about the feud of the Muslims and Christians that started over territories. It shows how Christians used the power of the cross symbolizing their faith in defeating the Muslims, who later retaliated by way of stealing the cross from them. Many battles preceded the retrieval of the cross, which in the end led to the Christening of the Muslims. Contact Joseph Mabalay (Municipal Tourism Officer) Mobile 0906-331-9011

Gatas ng Kalabaw Festival
May 12-15
Talavera, Nueva Ecija
Celebrated during Farmers’ Week, the festival aims to actively encourage, promote and enhance carabao’s milk as a nutrition and livelihood industry. Highlight of the festival is street dancing followed by float parade, parade of carabaos, carabao race, agri-trade fair, milk drinking contest, ice cream making competition, among others. Contact Elman "Sonny" Maniquis (Municipal Tourism Officer) Phone (63 44) 411-1977 / 7950 Mobile 0917-995-8126 Email elmaniquis@hotmail.com / mtio_talavera@yahoo.com

Kariton Festival
Date Last Saturday of March
Venue Licab, Nueva Ecija,
Kariton,which means rig-cart drawn by carabao, is celebrated during the annual celebration of the founding anniversary of Licab town on March 28. Kariton plays a significant part in the history of Licab. Don Dalmacio Esguerra, the town’s founding father, used kariton when he left San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte until he finally settled and found this town in Licab. In fitting recognition of the significance of this very important farm equipment, the LGU of Licab adopted “Kariton Festival” as the town’s official festival. The event features a parade of colorfully-dressed kariton floats, Search of Outstanding Licabenos, Agri-aqua trade fair and beauty pageant. Contact details: Licab Municipal Tourism Office, Marilyn Mendiola Phone (63 44) 940-2857 Mobile 0917-647-1612 Email marilyn_leny16@yahoo.com

Pagibang Damara Festival
Date April 19-22, 2012
Venue San Jose City, Nueva Ecija
Description Hundreds of years ago, here in Central Luzon, particularly in San Jose, landlords in the haciendas made the farmers build the “damara”, just before planting time of palay. A “damara” is a makeshift shelter made from kawayan (bamboo) and nipa, built at the center of ricefields as a protection from the sun’s heat or from rain. Over the years, it has been tradition that after all the harvests were safely brought home, the “damaras” are demolished (“ginigiba”). People then start celebrating together for the bountiful harvest. Today, unlike in older days, wherein people celebrate separately in their barangays, San Jose City now celebrates as one big family. The after-harvest celebration has become a multi-sectoral effort, collectively prepared, funded out of contributions (from the public and private sector), and participated in by all sections of the city. "Pagibang Damara" Festival started in 1999. Activities include: street dancing, beauty contest, tourism and trade fair, awarding ceremony and cultural shows. Contact Anthony dela Cruz Phone (63 44) 511-1744 Mobile 0916-746-0392 Email: anthonydc202@yahoo.com Website www.sanjosecity-ne.gov.ph

Pandawan Festival
Date Every last week of April
Venue Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija
Description Pantabangan boasts of one of the biggest fish-producing towns in Asia. The word "Pandaw" means assurance of an abundant fresh-water catch each time the festival is celebrated. Festival features street dancing, trade fair and local competition. Contact Emisonia Gante (Municipal Tourism Officer) Mobile 0917-881-3375 Email emisoniagante@yahoo.com

Pastores Festival
Date May 1
Venue Gapan, Nueva Ecija
Description Celebrated in honor of the miraculous patron saint, Nuestra Senora dela Virgen Divina Pastora, the event features colorful, vibrant street performances.

Ragragsak Ti Guimba Festival
Guimba, Nueva Ecija
Ragragsak which means merry-making is celebrated from February 20, the founding anniversary of Guimba, until March during harvest season. The festival is now on its 12th year (2012). Activities include beauty pageant, street dancing, folk dance remix competition, Paistaran, Sports fest, SMB live band gig, balikbayan/NGO-GO Night, SK Night, ABC Night and grand parade.

Taong Putik
Date June 24
Venue Aliaga, Nueva Ecija
Description Taong Putik originated from a unique practice of the devotees of Saint John the Baptist in Bibiclat, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija. Their bodies are completely coated with mud and adorned with vines, banana leaves or dried coconut leaves to hide their identity and as an act of humility and penance. The ritual starts as the curtain of the early dawn rises on June 24 - as the streets of Bibiclat becomes the stage for the unfolding of the performance of the devotees of the Fiesta ni San Juan Bautista. The Taong Putik (mud men) ask for alms and candles from the people and offering them at the church during the special mass celebrated at 7:00 in the morning. Devotees are also known as "San Juan or nag-sa-San Juan" by the townsfolk of Aliaga because they imitate Saint John the Baptist who hid his role as the chosen one to baptize Jesus Christ by wearing animal skin to deceive those who were after his head. A special mass and procession follow, with the taong putik in attendance. Thereafter, they wash up, symbolizing rebirth, They dress up and partake of the fiesta food and drink, music and merrymaking. Contact Florence Soro (Municipal Tourism Officer) Phone (63 44) 945-0002 / 0001


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