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The Philippine Social Community Organizers and Developing Society or PHILSOCORDS aims to provide massive changes for the welfare of every Filipino. Every servant and volunteer reaches out to the less fortunate people in every locality, regardless of their race, religion,and sect or class to uplift their lives for sustainability, through Empowerment, Proper education, Livelihood programs, Skills development training and Employment.
For continuous development of PHILSOCORDS, the LOGO created will help to augment and distinguish the organization and its mission to all the communities. The LOGO symbolizes the wholeness of the organization and its positive impact to the Society.
SUN - The “SUN” symbolizes the Philippines which represents the People’s sovereignty and democracy. It shows the vivid and vibrant direction of all members of the organization.
The TRI-PEOPLE - The “TRI-PEOPLE” with its Blue and Red combined colors represents the three classes of people of the country, the Muslims, Christians and the “Lumads” or Indigenous people ( e.g. Igorot, subanen and other native tribes). This Tri-People will benefit in the outcome of the establishment of the Organizaton. The “RED & BLUE “ bicolor represents the country’s pride of courage and patriotism in attaining the freedom , peace, truth and justice of the Philippines.
The CARING HANDS - The “ CARING HANDS” symbolizes the responsive behavior of all Organizers and servant leaders who are willing to uplift the Tri people’s lives of the Society through socio-economic development activities. Continuous trainings and empowerment will be handed over to all beneficiaries of the organization, in touched with local and international team builders.
The Acronym PHILSOCORDS - The acronym “PHILSOCORDS” stands for Philippines Social Community Organizers and Developing Society, imprinted in the ribbon showing its integrity to serve and the honor to inculcate legacy of change in the country.
By.Ms.Reynalda C. Oporto – CEO President

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