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Pasig City


Bambino Festival (11th to 20th January)
This is a celebration in honor of the Sto. Niño marked by an exhibit of the Sto. Niño images
owned by the Pasigueños.The Festival is highlighted by the procession of the Sto. Niño
images around downtown Pasig participated in by all parishes in the diocese , barangays
and schools.

Pista ng Batampasig (3rd Saturday of March)
The Pista ng Batampasig is a project of the City Government of Pasig, which aims among
others to promote programs and activities for the total development of the youth. The affair is
a great getaway for the youth of Pasig from all walks of life as they participate in activities of
their choice, skills and interests. It provides an opportunity for the youth to interact with their
peers, have fun and learn, and win prizes. The Pista ng Batampasig is held every third
Saturday of March at the Rainforest Park.

Sunduan "Feast of Sta. Rosa de Lima" (3rd Saturday of April)
Brgy. Bagong Ilog and Brgy. Sumilang share one patron saint - Santa Rosa de. Lima. This
is a miraculous image found by two fishermen from Bagong Ilog and Sumilang. These
Barangys hold their respective fiestas every other year. The Image is fetched by the
celebrating barangay from the other barangay. They have a very colorful procession for the

436th Araw ng Pasig (2nd of July)
Thi is the celebration of the founding of Pasig in 1573. The month-long celebration features
diffrent activities like the Job Fair, Dance Competitions, Exhibits, Pista ng Batampasig,
Concert and Variety Shows, Serenata, Bangkarera and others. Highlights of the celebration
is the Mutya ng Pasig Pageant and the Thanksgiving Mass and Grand Parade.

Pasig City Dance and Musical Festival (24th of July, 21st of August, 16th of October, 20th of
November - movable)

Itik-Itik Festival (29th of July)
A festival, in honor of the patron saint - Sta. Martha - men, women and even children take
part in the activities and merrymaking. This significant event is not limited to colorful
activities, sumptuous food, revelry and fun, but also draws people closer to God and to one
another. It features itik cuisine - a contest on cooking "itik" in different ways which is called
"Itikman". A Pagoda and Banca Racing is also held in celebration of the feast.

Nagsabado (29 August)
A re-enactment of the revolutionary action againsts the Spaniards led by Valentin Cruz and
Andres Bonifacio in 1896. The historic revolution happens to fall on a Saturday that's why
the event is called "Nagsabado".

Bayanihan Festival (3rd Sunday of November)
This is celebration of the Feast of Señora del Rosario. Activities include Pagoda sa Ilog,
Sayaw sa Kalye,Tiangge and others. All men, women and even children take part in the
colorful celebration.

Paskong Himig sa Lungsod Pasig (3rd week of December)
Paskong Himig is a musical fest, which employs the singing talents of the Pasigueños. It is
a weeklong competition participated in by different sectors of the society - church, barangay,
school, private and business sectors, who each have their respective night of competition.
Winners from each sector will compete on the Gabi ng mga Kampeon to determine the
overall champion. Paskong Himig aims to heighten the Christmas Spirit of the Pasigueños
in solo and choral singing to foster the bayanihan spirit among the Pasigueños.

Paskotitap (3rd week of December)
A Christmas celebration featuring different lavishly designed and exquisitely crafted floats,
all inspired by delightful children stories and movies. This event endeavors to bring back the
cheer and wonderment among young and young at heart at Christmas.

Pakalog Festival
The Pakalog Festival is celebrated every 31st of December in Brgy. Santolan. During this
festival, the people of Santolan gather at Evangelista Street to celebrate the coming year.
Instead of spending money on pyrotechnics, the people are encouraged to spend their
money on food to be shared with their neighbors during the occasion. More so, barangay
rents loud brass bands and sound systems to replace the firecracker's sound.
Pakalog Festival aims to establish the spirit of camaraderie among the Santoleños as well
as to instill the values of unity and cooperation between the barangay officials and the


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