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Procedures in DOT Accreditation


Accreditation Procedures:

Step 1. Log on to www.visitmyphilippines.com.

Step 2. Click on ‘Accreditation’ on the left-hand navigation of the homepage, then click on ‘Online Application for Original/Renewal of Accreditation’, accomplish the application form, then click on ‘Apply Now’ to send your application online. Don’t forget to select the regional office on top where you wish your application form to be sent (Region III Central Luzon, as in this case).

Step 3. Upon receipt of your application online, an inspection team from the regional office of the tourism department will then schedule an ocular inspection of your establishment to determine compliance with our set standards. If your establishment fails to pass the grade, you will be advised to institute remedial measures to correct certain deficiencies observed by the team.

Step 4. If you pass our standards, you will be advised to file your application for accreditation by accomplishing your application form and to submit certain documentary requirements (i.e. articles of incorporation, mayor’s permit, list of personnel, etc.) including payment of accreditation fees. You may download the appropriate printable application form for your category on the said website or you may obtain one from our regional office. The checklist of requirements is also posted online.

Step 5. Upon completion and submission of all the requirements, you will be issued an official accreditation certificate, together with an accreditation sticker, identification cards for your employees, among others. Your accreditation certificate should reflect your official classification (economy, standard, or first class for hotels), your accreditation number and date issued. Renewal of your accreditation is required upon expiration of your accreditation a year after.


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