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Surigao del Sur


Religious, Cultural and Historical Attractions

Aside from its wealth of natural resources, the province of Surigao del Sur boast of century-old structures, monuments and churches to satisfy the discerning taste of history and culture buffs.

The 175-year old Church of San Agustin in the town of Hinatuan, the San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral in Tandag, the municipal halls and town plazas backed up by rich and colorful stories of how these edifices were able to stand the ravages of time, are just some of the cultural/historical attractions which the province has to offer.

Station of the Cross – located at Kabiton-an, Brgy. Consuelo, Cantilan, this place is really ideal to those who want to reflect on how the Lord Almighty sacrificed himself to save mankind. It is a climb uphill with a chapel atop the mountain partly overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. Praying in every station is not just healthy for the soul but for one’s physical health considering that the last station and the chapel is located hundreds of feet above sea level.

Immaculate Conception Parish – One of the best designed Catholic Churches in the country. It is located at the heart of Cantilan. Beside it is a remnant of an old church constructed in the 1700’s which was converted into a park.

Old Tribunal Building – it is the old tribunal of Cantilan built in 1879 which was now converted into a Municipal Hall of Cantilangnons.

Municipal Park of Cantilan – it is where you can see the 21/2 meter cannon with 130 cm. in diameter placed as historic relic. It is one of the 100 cannons brought from Jolo and Borneo by the natives of Cantilan during the Spanish regime as a tool against Muslim pirates.

Shrine of World War II Heroes – it is where the names of the Cantilan heroes were engraved.


Adhika Beach – located in Barangay Habag in the Municipality of Lanuza. It is a privately-owned beach resort with cottages and rest house for visitors who will rest overnight (RON).

Barcelona Beach – it is a unique black sand beach with picnic huts located just 30 minutes away by pumpboat from Mangagoy, Bislig City.

Baucawe Beach and Winding Road – it is a beach resort situated in Lianga. The winding road leading to the beach serves as its unique attraction.

Cagwait White Beach – it is a U-shaped beach with powdery white sand and a wind swept sea with crystal clear water baptized by the famous pilot Charles Lindberg as the “Waikiki Beach” of the Philippines. This is the site of the annual “Kaliguan Festival”. It is a 40-minute ride from the capital town of Tandag.

Dapdap Beach – located in Dapdap, in the Municipality of Barobo.

Mahayag Beach – situated just 8 kilometers north from the capital town of Tandag. Mahayag is a coastline purok of Barangay Buenavista. The beach resort is one end of the cove occupying about a hectare in area. The place is ideal for holding seminars or family reunions. One can idle the time away by boating, fishing or swimming on the man-made pools at the sea.

Tandag Beach – located right in the capital town of Tandag, it is guaranteed to enchant all beach lovers with its grey sand and crystal clear waters. It is a nature lover’s paradise, a promised adventure for snorkels and diving enthusiasts.


Campamento Cave – Located in Silop, Gamuton in the municipality of Lanuza

Hercules Wall – Located in San Jose in Bislig City, it is a 2-3 meters wide passage in between solid high rocks, stones and other natural grown trees in the area.

Pagbutuanan Cave – located in Brgy. Wakat, Barobo.

Tagbina Cave – Located underneath a rocky mountain where the Municipal Hall of Tagbina town is perched, overlooking the expanse of territory comprising the jurisdiction of the town. The portal of the cave is visibly seen as one goes uphill on the concrete road leading to the Town Hall. The cave has long been in existence as one product of nature and has been a haven for birds and other forms of life that dwell in labyrinth-like places.
Other caves are the San Isidro Cave and the Km. 3 Cave both located in Bislig City.


Balinganga Falls – it is located in the communal forest of Barangay Cancavan in Carmen streamlining the verdant and sprawling mountain. It is unique in CARCANMADCARLAN considering that one could only and truly enjoy the cool and refreshing crystal clear water and see the splendor and awesome beauty of nature after a breathtaking trek.

Bao-bao Falls – it is located in Lianga. Once developed, kayaking is the ideal activity at this beautiful and challenging clear water. The site offers a natural splendor of an unspoiled environment.

Busay de Mabuhay Falls – located in Barangay San Roque in San Miguel. It is like a pitcher-full of water poured over a cup-like place where very deep, cool fresh water invites one to take a swim. Located in the midst of the jungle, this waterfall offers a mini cave underneath the flowing water that can accommodate 3 to 4 persons.

Tinuy-an Falls – located in Barangay Borboanan in Bislig City. It is known to be the “little Niagara Falls”. It signifies the multi-layered river bed of stones skillfully crafted by the “Unseen Hands”. Tinuy-an is the widest waterfall in the entire Mindanao. It is a 3-tiered waterfall in the middle of a thick forest. It is like a 4-storey building with the expanse of a cathedral and a pool in the bottom, the size of a football field.

Magkawas Falls – located in the Municipality of Lanuza. A five-minute hike from the national highway is an eco-destination that offers a gradual accelerando of nature’s beauty. This wonderful falls makes one irresistible to take a refreshing dip.

Sipangpang Falls – located in Barangay Cabangahan in the municipality of Cantilan. A hydro-power potential considering its waterfall cascading from a height of 22 meters.


1. Ave Maria Falls - Carrascal
2. Canlumawag Falls - San Jose, Bislig City
3. Kambawi Falls - Pamanlinan, Bislig City
4. Mendezona Falls - San Jose, Bislig City
5. Secret Falls - Burboanan, Bislig City
6. Sian Falls - Sta.Cruz, Bislig City
7. Sibaroy Falls - Sibaroy, Bislig City


Ayoke Islet – this is part of Barangay Isla General Luna (General Island), an island barangay of Cantilan. It is famous for “kolo”, a fruit similar to langka but different in taste. It is where the lighthouse of the town is located to guide fishermen and passenger ships passing the area.

Bag-ong Banwa (Double B) – this is also part of General Island fronting the Pacific Ocean. Its shoreline is covered with very fine white sand. It has cottages to accommodate visitors. A big cave can also be found where stalactites and stalagmites are so abundant. This is a 30-minute boat ride from Cantilan Wharf.

Bat Island – also known as Mangkagangi Island. It is located just two miles east of Tandag. It has enticing white beach, guano-filled caves and bats inside, offering a unique experience to all adventure seekers. Just a few meters from the island is a deep, blue sea which is ideal for scuba diving.

Britania Islands – located in the municipality of San Agustin. It is composed of more than a dozen beautiful islets with splendid vegetation and white beaches. The intact coral formation offers a beautiful snorkeling and scuba diving sports activities.

Casarica Island – a pristine white beach with crystal clear waters which is only a 10-minute ride by pump boat from Consuelo Port.

Hagonoy Island – a 1.7 hectare island with a perimeter white sand. It is a 20 minute ride by a motorized banca from Mangagoy, Bislig City. An island filled with coconut and green trees, it is surrounded by a beautiful white beach and a blue, crystal clear and calm water ideal for swimming.

Huyamao Island – presently owned by the nine heirs of the late Teodoro Urbiztondo, this private majestic island is covered with very fine white sand. This is located in front of Baybay, Cantilan shoreline. From there, one would not fail to notice the white sand along the mountain island that is compatible to the sand bar of Camiguin. Its water is so pristine; one can even clearly see the sea bed while riding a banca.

Kabgan Island – located in Sua in the municipality of Barobo. A mile long pristine white sand beach, multicolored reefs, good for scuba diving, swimming and fishing.

Turtle Island – it is located in the municipality of Barobo. It is an 8 hectare beach where multicolored reefs abound. It has white sand, blue waters teeming with marine life. Viewed from a distance, the shape and formation of this island is like a huge turtle floating in the Pacific Ocean. It is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is accessible by pump boat for about 30 minutes.

2 Linongaw Islands – These are big and small islands that tower over Tandag. These are veritable havens of white sand, multi-faced rocks fringed with skyscraping trees dominated by monkeys and singing birds, being the habitat of age-old bats.


Blue Lagoon – situated in General Island, Cantilan, this province, the lagoon has a deep blue crystal clear water safely enclosed by an island.


Danao Lake – Located atop the mountain of General Island. This is good for those who love hiking, nature tripping and swimming.


Forester’s Park – located in Bislig City. It has a vast tree plantation of different dipterocarp species such as falcata, bagras, mangium, etc. and natural grown trees.

Mini Forest Park – located in front of the municipal hall of San Miguel.

Municipal Tree Park – located in Marihatag.


Caguyao River – located in Caguyao, Bislig City, it is good for swimming and picnics. It is surrounded with natural scenic beauty along its meandering river channel.

Dinayhugan River – utilized as a dam of the National Irrigation Administration in the 1990’s, it is now best enjoyed by picnickers, rafters and cruisers. Rafts are available at the site. There is a cave nearby that holds large deposits of guano and treasure trove of relics. Fossils, artifacts and other anthropological curiosities which include tell-tale remains of the ancient church are also found inside the cave.

Enchanted River – Located in Talisay, Hinatuan, it is an awesome deep river inside a thick forest with very cool, placid blue waters which allows the viewing of beautiful fishes underneath. This river inspired the composition of the song “Enchanted River” by a local composer.

Suhoton Underground River – located in San Vicente, Bislig City. It is an underground river from a spring.

Tago River – the longest river in Surigao del Sur. It snakes up to the heart of the Diwata Mountain in the west passing the hinterland town of San Miguel. It’s approximately 60 kilometers in length from the mouth of Tago to the municipality of Cabadbaran in Agusan del Norte.


Bogac Spring – Located in Barangay Poblacion in Barobo. It has clear brackish water with scenic background and swimming area.

Malinawa Cool Spring – it is located in the municipality of Cantilan. A very cool spring surrounded by beautifully arranged big flat white rocks around the pool equipped with hower rooms, cottages and a mini convention center. The spring is constantly flowing 90 liters of fresh water per second. It is a 5 minute ride from the national highway.

Marga Hot and Cold Spring – located in Brgy. Castillo in the municipality of San Miguel. An amazing source of hot water sprouting from underneath the ground flowing side by side with a cold spring. The heterogeneous mixture of water is an ideal medicinal treatment for those with health problems. It is where one can find hot spring all year round.

Libuac Spring – located in Tagbina.


Estuarine Wetland Park – located in Baybay, Bunga, Lanuza.

Iron Mountain Road – it is locally known as “Noventa”. It is the site of the biggest iron deposit in the whole country. It is a 25 kilometers serpentine road, with an altitude of about 900 feet above sea level. The road leads to the highway boundary of Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte.

Laswitan – Art materials-made pools with clear undiluted seawater. They abound with a variety of fish. Laswitan is quietly nestled in between a mountain. The seawater enter the three pools during high tide through a narrow passage and through the frequent splashing of the giant waves that push the mountain rock. Laswitan is located in Barangay Madrelino some five kilometers away from the poblacion. To reach the area from the main road, one would walk nearly half kilometer and pass through steep slope.

Lanuza Marine Park and Sanctuary – located in Cagmino, Sibahay, Lanuza

Lanuza Surfing Paradise – located at Zone I, IV, Habag and Sibahay in the municipality of Lanuza.


Ancestral House – located in Barangay Poblacion, Lanuza.

Carac-an Bridge – The longest bridge in Surigao del Sur and Surigao del Norte. Its length is 481 meters and located in the municipality of Madrid.

Rizal Fish Port – located in Rizal, Barobo.

Subterranean Canal – this canal is found in Madrid with the bridge and tunnel as its attractions.

Tourist Attractions (source: www.caragatravelguide.com):

TOURIST DESTINATIONS (source: www.caragatravelguide.com):

Religious, Cultural and Historical Attractions

• Station of the Cross
• Immaculate Conception Parish
• Old Tribunal Building
• Municipal Park of Cantilan
• Shrine of World War II Heroes



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