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Olongapo Grand Mardi Gras
Date October 27 - 29
Venue Olongapo City (Central Business District)
Description A festival featuring street-dancing along Magsaysay Ave. with acoustic bands and stand-up comedians playing to the merriment of residents. Highlight of the event is the Halloween parade participated in by SBMA officials and employees, locators and school students garbed in the scariest costumes on board Halloween-themed floats. Contact Lorelei Montoya (City Tourism Officer) Phone (63 47) 224-1471 Mobile 0908-964-9922 Email lei_montoya@yahoo.com Website www.olongapocity.com.ph

Paynauen 'Duyan' Festival
Date April 25 - May 1
Venue Iba, Zambales
Description Paynauen Festival in Iba, Zambales which commemorates the provincial capital's founding anniversary (founded in 1611) traces its origin from a Zambal word which means rest or pahingahan - the ancient name of Iba before the Spanish conquistadores founded the village on the shore of the Bancal River in 1611. The festival is the brainchild of Vice Mayor Benjamin Farin, Jr. It features photo competition and exhibit, sand sculpture competition, skate boarding, 2-cock derby, carabao race, beauty pageant, kite flying, banca race, boxing tournament, street dancing / Duyan Parade, among other activities. Contact Danilo Timbol mobile 0917-952-1533 email dani_timbol@yahoo.com

Sibit-Sibit Summer Festival
Date 4th Week of April
Venue Olongapo City (Brgy. Barreto)
Description The name Sibit-Sibit was derived from the name of small paddle-driven bancas used for fishing during the early days when Brgy. Barreto was yet called Sitio Maquinaya. During fiestas, fisherfolk hold banca race using pure human strength to win the competition. Today, the festival competition includes motorized banca race and sail boat competition to add fun and excitement to the activity. In the summer of 1996, the idea came to mind when then barangay Kagawad Carlito A. Baloy set sail to stage the 1st Sibit-Sibit Festival at Driftwood Beach. It was held yearly but later was shelved for various reasons. The event was revived by the city Government under the leadership of Mayor James J. Gordon Jr. in 2006.

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Description This 3-day event is an annual city affair that aims to reminisce the glorious saga of Olongapo as an ancient fishing village while at the same time promoting a friendly tourism alternative. The name Sibit Sibit is derived from an ancient term called "small paddle banca" used for fishing, as the city was born from being one of the ancient fishing villages of the country. Highlights of the event are: banca races, fluvial parade and sail show, beach volleyball, bangkang buhangin sculpting competition, bingo bonanza, summer dance craze, among others. Contact Lorelei Montoya (City Tourism Officer) Phone (63 47) 224-1471 Mobile 0908-964-9922 Email lei_montoya@yahoo.com Website www.olongapocity.com.ph

Subic Karakoa Festival
Date TBA
Venue Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales
Description In honor of the warship Karakoa, a warship built by the Pintados tribe, SBMA sets the stage for a unique festival filled with colorful floats, parade and motorcade called Subic Karakoa Festival. It is meant to complement the annual Philippine Motorsports Festival and the Karakoa Food Festival.
Contact Person Raul Marcelo
Tel. No. 63 47) 252-4123/4242/4194/4196/4195/45

Zambales Mango Festival
Date Month of April
Venue Iba, Zambales
Description The event is a celebration of a bountiful harvest of mangoes and other agricultural products which the province is so known for. It is aimed to highlight the must-see attractions and places of interest in all its towns. Among the activities during the event include Hataw Saya Street Dancing Competition, trade fair and exhibit, Lakbay Zamables Cycling Competition, PINAKA Product Display, Mango Fruit Stand Competition, Agri-Karera ng Kalabaw, Huli Mo, Biik Mo, Alaga ko si Bantay Competition, Sand Sculpting Competition, Mango Mixing Bar-tending Competition, Mango Ultimate Dance Showdown, Mango Jam and Pie Making and much more. Contact Zambales Provincial Tourism & Investment Office Domitela Mora Phone (63 47) 811-7221/7216/7218 Email telmora967@yahoo.com.ph / ptipozambales@rocketmail.com Website www.zambales.gov.ph or www.visitzambales.com


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