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Explore Our Unique Heritage

Casa Real Malolos
The first printing press of Bulacan, Cas Real is a museum with a collection of antique Bulacan-made furniture. As well as the beautiful terno gowns worn by its leading ladies. Open Tue-Sun., 9AM-5PM

Francisca Reyes Aquino Shrine, Bocaue
Commemorates the legacy of the late National Artist for Dance. Open Tue-Sun., 9AM-5PM

Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shrine, Bulacan
A museum dedicated to the erudite. Pro=pagandist and chief editor of the newspaper La Solidaridad. Open: Tue.-Sun., 9AM-5PM.

Barasoain Church, Malolos
Housed the earliest democracy in Southeast Asia, Containos a vital collection of ecclesistical artifacts, as well as a world-class Light and Sou0th Museum.

Kakarong de Sili Revolutionary Memorial, Pandi.,
The memorial commemoraates the sacrifice of 3,000 Katipuneros in the name of liberty in December 1896

Mercado House, Bustos
A fine example of the Colonial stone house (bahay na bato) is pfarmed for its stone relief carvings on the façade. A sculpture garden garden is dedicated to the Modernist Conrado Mercado.

Pariancillo Street, Malolos
The wealthy mestizo district, includes the Neoclassical Bautista House, and the Art Deco Santos House. Amarker commemorates the location of the historical Instituto de Mujeres.

Poblacion, San Miguel
See the Mansions of the Tecson, Sevilla, done in Turn-of-Century Art Nouveau.

Hiyas Museum, Malolos
The library, museum and cutural center of Bulacan. See the historical collection that chronicles Bulacan from the pre-colonial period to the 20th Century. View the magnificent mural History of Bulacan by the late muralist Amadeo Manalad

Nature At its Best

Biak-na-Bato National Park San Miguel
This 2,117-hectare national park boasts several campsites, a 3-kilometer long river channel cut out of the solid granibedrock, and various cave formations like Aguinaldo Cave, and Paniki Cave with its large and population of fruit bats,. Ideal for nature lovers, rock climbers, and hikers.

Hilitop, Norzagaray
View the magnificent lpo Dam reservoir! Or catch a glimpse of the Sierra Madre mountain range that ring the eastern areas of Bulacan. Ideal for spelunkers.

Puning Cave, Dona Renedios Trinidad
Explore Bulacan’s new ecotourism sites! The Puning Cave complex is a series of caves reached via a six-hour hike through through the last unspoiled frontier of Bulacan. Ideal for Spelunkers.

Verdivia Falls, Dona Remedios Trinidad
Watch water from the Sierra Madre tumble into the hillsides as one hikes through Barangay Talbak. Ideals for bikers, mountaineers, and day hikers, Mount Lumot Dona emedios Trinidad. The highest mountain of Bulacan, located at the Sierra Madre range in Barangay Camachin ideal for basic and advanced mountaineers.

Angat River, Calumpit
Hike, Bike or picnic in the placid river banks, of the Angat River as its way across Calumpit. Visit Balagbag Bridge, were a famous battle was waged April 1899 between Filipino and American armies. Kayak in its clean, crystal-clear waters.

Calendar of Events

January 1 New Year’s Day

January 22-23 Halaman Festival (Guiginto)

January 23 Malolos Republic Day

Last Sunday of January Santo Nino Festival (Malolos)

Holy Week Crucifixion Re-enctment (Kapitangan)
Carroza Procession (Baliuag)

February, July, Barasoain Kalinangan
& September Theater Performances
Gat. Blas Ople Bldg., (Malolos)

May 2 Luyang Dilaw Festival (Marilao)

May 14-15 Kneeling Carabao Festival (Pulilan)

May 17-19 Fertility Dance Fesrtival (Obando)

June 12 Independence Day

June 23-24 Libad Festival (Calumpit)

1st Sunday of July Pagoda Festival (Bocaue)

August 15 Bulacan Foundation Day

August 27 National Heroes Day

September 8-5 Singkaban Festival

September 15 Malolos Congress Day

September 29 Angel Festival (San Rafael)

December 29-30 Horse Festival/Salubong (Plaridel)

Resorts & Accomodation

8 Waves Resort and Hotel (044) 766-6855 to 56
DRT Hi-way, Ulingao, San Rafael (044) 766-6874
(02) 299-8270

BarCIE International Center (044) 791-7416 to 17
(044) 791-1142

Casa Elum Pavilion & Resort (044) 791-248-7809
Maligaya St. Barrio Patubig, Marilao (044) 711-3926
(044) 248-7769

Center for Local Governance (044) 791-1897
HBCC Compound, Malolos

Ciudad Clemente Resort (044) 791-1256
San Isidro, Paombong 0906-4972291

DJ Paradise Resort & Hotel (044) 791- 1256
McArthur Highway, Dakila, Malolos (02) 844-0194
(02) 824- 0241

Galilee Garden Resort (044) 617-1587 t0 88
Gen. Alejo Santos Hi-way, Sn. Pedro, Bustos (044) 927-6205

Grotto Vista Resort (044) 691-0223
Grace Ville, San Jose Del Monte City (044) 691-1224
E-mail: [email protected] (02) 744-66442 t0 43

Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center (044) 791-0535
Capitol Compound, Malolos

Jogima Farm & Resort (044) 668-2114
San Francisco Bulacan, Bulacan (02) 299-l8406

La Terrazo Celebreation & Relaxation (044) 675-0241
Calumpang, Calumpit (044) 675-0636

Resorts & Accomodation

8 Waves Resort & Hotel
DRT Hi-way, Ulingao, San Rafael (044) 766-6855 to 56
(044) 766-6874
(02) 299-8270

BarCIE Resort & Hotel (044) 791-7416 to 17
Capitol View Park, Calmon, Malolos (044) 791-1142

Casa Elum Pavillion & Resort (044) 248-7809
Maligaya St. Barrio Patubig, Marilao (044) 711-3926
(044) 248- 7769

Center for Local Governance (044) 791-1897
HBCC Compund, Malolos

Ciudad Clemente Resort & Hotel (044) 791-1256
San Isidro, Paombong 0906-4972291

DJ Paradise Resort & Hotel (044) 791-5129
McArthur Highway, Dakila, Malolos (02) 844-0194
(02) 824-0241

Galilee Garden Resort (044) 617-1587 to 88
Gen. Alejo Santos Hi-way, Sn. Pedro, Bustos (044) 927-6205

Grotto Vista Resort (044) 691-0223
Grace Ville , San Jose Del Monte City (044) 691- 1224
E-mail: [email protected] (02) 744-6642 to 43

Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center (044) 688-2114
Capitol Compound, Malolos

Jogima Farm & Resort (044) 668-2114
San Francisco, Bulacan, Bulacan (02) 299-8406

La Terrazo Celebration & Relaxation (044) 675-0241
Calumpit, Calumpit (044) 675-0636


La Familia Sizzlers (044) 766-2037
McArthur Hi-way, Malolos/ D.R.T. H

Lee Foo Panciteria (044) 690-1762
112 Sta Cruz,guiguinto/ Natl. Road, Cutcot, Pulilan

Bahay na Tisa Restaurant (044) 791-1188
79 Independence St. San Gabriel, Malolos

Bulalo Republic (044) 673-4918
D.R.T. Highway, Tarcan, Baliuag

Guilbert’s Place (044) 670-1577
Cagayan Valley Road, Tabang, Plaridel

Bulalo ni Consoling (044) 692-5678
36 Ayukit-Granville Road, Tabang, Plaridel

Nina’s Restaurant (044) 670-2655
Bulihan, Plaridel

Minia’s Kainan ajt Meriendahan (044) 667-2466
Halang, San Pedro, Hagonoy

Seatmates Grill and Restobar (044) 662-0378
Opie Road, Bulihan, City of Malolos

Lutong Bahay ni Ka Damian (0915) 300-0803
Cagayan Valley Road, Longos, Pulilan

Alley 28 Food & Bar/San Miguel Foodshop (044) 6734820

Eurobake Bakeshop (044) 794-0016
Tabang, Guiginto

Barasoain Sweets (044) 791-0042
Paseo de Congreso, Malolos

Sevilla’s Sweets (044) 662-1702
D.R.T Highway, San Miguel

Aling Citangs (044) 662-1702
Sta. Isabel, City of Malolos

Rem’s & Serkele
Sabang, Baliuag

Pasalubong Bakeshop (044) 795-3557
Paltao, Pulilan

Eddie’s Special Chicharon
Turo, Bucaue

Barong &Gown; (044) 661-1501
Bagong Barrio, Pandi

Pamana ni Ka Mila (044) 792-0124
San Jose, Bulacan, Bulacan

Froigene Handicraft (044) 677-1653
Calasag, San lldefonso

Sarabia’s Jewerly (044) 840-5854
McArthur Hi-way, Calvario, Meycauayan

Goldenas Jewelry (044) 840-7007
Salusoy, Meycauayan

Tourist Assistance & Information

Provincial Tourism Office

Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center, City of Malolos
Telefax: (044) 791- 7335/ (044) 662-7635
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.bulacan.gov.ph

Emergency Assistance

Bulacan Provincial Disaster Coordinating Office
Tel: (044) 791- 1053/ (044) 662-4367

Bulacan Provincial Hospital Coordinating Office
Tel (044) 662-0616/ (044) 791-0630/ (044) 791-2030

Philippine National Police, Provincial Command
Tel: (044) 790-6063/ (044) 662-0273

Bureau of Fire Protection, City of Malolos
Tel: (044) 791-662-3472
(044) 791- 6129

North Luzon Expressway Hotline
Tel: (02) 580-8910


Bulacan, the Gateaway to the North of Metro Manila, os bordered on the southwest by Pamapanga, notheast by Nueva Ecija, and east by Quezon Province. It is flat and alluvial in the west, rolling plains and hilly on the center, and moiuntainous on the east. It has a land area of 2,625 square kilometers, and a population of nearly 3 million.

Bulacan has 2 cities and 22 municipalities, namely: the City of Malolos[Capital], Bulacan, Calumpit,Hagonoy, Paombong, Pulilan (District I); Balagtas,Baliuag, Bocaue, Bustos, Guiguinto, Pandi, Plaridel (District II); Angat, Dona Remedios Trinidad,Norzagaray, San Ildefonso, San Miguel, San Rafael
(District III); Marilao, Meycauayan , Obando, Sta. Maria (District IV); and San Jose del Monte City (Lone District)

Easily Accessible

By Bus:
Baliuag Transit (majority of Bulacan routes). Terminals: Cubao, Divisoria, Grace Park and Ayala Park Square II. German Eswpiritu Liner (Bocaue-Balagtas). Royal Eagle Transit and Five Star Buses (Bulacan-to-Cagayan), Terminals: EDSA Cubao

By Fx Taxi:
From SM City North & Farmer’s Plaza, Cu0bao: alonog EDSA Cubao; and Rizal Avenue, Caloocan City. FX Taxi from Pampanga: SM Pampanga, San F0ernando City

By Car/Taxicab
From EDSA VIA NLEX Balintawak Tollgate or Bonifacio Drive: Monomento via McArthur Highway towards Meycauayan . By Car from Pampanga: NLEX Dau Tollgate, NLEX Angeles City Tollgate, or NLEX San Fernando City Tollgate towards Pulilan; McArthur Highway via Angeles or San Fernando City towards Calumpit.

Source: Bataan Provincial Tourism Office


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