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Clark History


Clark Air Base was the largest U.S. Military Base outside mainland USA. It was established by the US Cavalry in 1903 as Fort Stotsenburg. Most of Clark then was open fields and jungle. The base grew up around the old cavalry post's large parade field (now known as the Parade Grounds). It is said that the US Cavalry horses took a liking to grass growing within said area which is why the Parade Grounds served as the nucleus of development of Fort Stotsenburg.

You can still visit the Parade Grounds at Clark today, which once upon a time was used as a polo playing field and concert venue by the US Military. Even the graceful old homes with large verandahs, affectionately called barn houses by the former occupants, are still there to remind us of the grandeur and ease of Fort Stotsenburg life.

In 1917 Fort Stotsenburg was converted into an air field and was renamed Clark Air Field in 1919. The new center of the base was the flight line with its aircraft operations and maintenance centers. With the expiration of the Republic of the Philippines-US Bases
Agreement in November 1991, the former Clark Air Base was reverted to the Philippine Government. The most valuable piece of infrastructure the Philippines inherited from the US Airforce was the parallel runways of the Clark Airport (now known as the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or DMIA) which is now the centerpiece of development at Clark.


Clark is over 33,000 hectares of prime land located in the culture-rich Central Luzon, the Philippines new productivity center. It lies only 80 kilometers north of the City of Manila and 60 kilometers east of Subic Bay, a former US naval facility that has been redeveloped into a major Freeport.

A natural entry point to the Asia Pacific Region, Clark is only 3 hours flying time away from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Korea and other key points in Asia.

Clark possesses a location so strategic and unique. The American military forces maintained it as its largest air base outside of the US Mainland.

For almost 100 years, it was the United States' beacon in the region, until 1991 when the benefits of Clark's extraordinary place in the map were extended to the rest of the world as a Special Economic Zone.


To be the 'most competitive international service and logistics center in the Southeast Asian Region.'


As an ENABLER of the vision, we are therefore in the business of generating:

- Productive employment
- Economic activity


A former US military base, Clark's strategic location is right at the heart of growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region - a given advantage in today's global economy. The zone's modern infrastructure facilities, generous fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, professional support services, amenities, and other advantages make it an ideal place for your investment. The Master Plan for the 4,400-hectare main zone and 29,213-hectare sub zone will transform the zone into an-airport driven urban center perfect for the requirements of Information and Communication Technology, aviation support, commercial trading, agro-industrial, tourism and other sectors. Consider some of the advantages:

1. Access to Clark's 2,500-hectare modern aviation complex designated as the country's future premier gateway site.

2. Modern telecommunications facilities, power and water supply, waste management, vast road network and other infrastructures.

3. Waiver of local and national taxes, provision for 100% foreign equity on most industries, duty free status and other fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

4. Ready access to a pool of highly trainable and English proficient skilled labor.

5. Competitive lease rates on buildings starting at US $ 0.30 per sq.m. per month, available for short, medium and long term lease period.

6. Access to several industrial and technology parks located right within the zone


Whether its leisure after business, business as leisure, or business in leisure you fancy, in Clark numerous choices awaits even the most discriminating business traveler or visitor. Duty free shopping, fine dining to unwind after a hard days work? Choose from the 17 duty free shops and numerous bars and restaurants located inside the secured boundaries of the zone. Mix business, leisure and fitness in any of the world-class championship golf courses at the Mimosa Fontana Resort and Country Clubs. Accommodation is never a problem; stay at the Holiday Inn Clark, the Mimosa, Montevista or Fontana Villas for premium service for very reasonable rates. Loads of choices, and you haven't left the economic zone yet.

Step out of Clark and literally thousands more adventures, and destinations await you in the place where celebration is a way of life. Enjoy sky diving, off-road driving, or go on an aerial tour of Mt. Pinatubo, over the weekend maybe? Join the thrill of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in January, marvel the world-renown Cutud Lenten Rites in March or April, the colorful Apung Iru Fluvial Festival in June, Fiestang Kuliat in October, or the longest Christmas celebration culminating with the Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando. The possibilities are year round as they are limitless.You can even make leisure your business should you invest in any of housing, leisure and tourism-related investment packages available. Who say’s that one should not mix business with leisure. At Clark, how to mix work with play may be the more difficult choice. Worry not, the Marketing Department is on stand-by and ready to assist you in your next business-with-leisure trip.


Motorists coming from NLEX bound for Subic are advised to take the Spur/NLE interchange located between the Dau and Sta. Ines Exits of the NLEX and proceed to the SCTEx Clark Logistics Toll Plaza. After crossing the bridge, follow the loop of the ramp towards Subic. Likewise, motorists at SCTEx bound for Bataan may exit at the Dinalupihan Interchange via the Roman highway. Motorists from NLEX bound for Clark are advised to take the toll exit in Mabiga, Mabalacat, then proceed to MacArthur Hwy. toward Mabalacat Gate in going to Clark. Or take the Sta. Ines exit in Mabalacat, then proceed to Mabalacat Gate in going to Clark.

On the other hand, motorists from Subic and Bataan bound for Manila are advised to enter the SCTEx through the Tipo Toll Plaza or the Dinalupihan Toll Plaza respectively, and follow the road signage towards the Clark Logistics Toll Plaza. Upon reaching the Clark Logistics interchange, take the first ramp to the right that will lead to the toll plaza, then the Spur/NLE interchange connecting to the NLEX. The Subic-Clark section measures 50.5 kms. long while the Clark-Tarlac section is 43.27 kms. long or a total of 93.77 kms. Travel time from Clark to Subic is only 40 minutes. From NLEX in Balintawak to Subic, travel time is only 1 hours. SCTEx HOTLINE: (02) 3-5000/(02) 362-9997/362-2246/(045) 865-2030


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