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Housekeeping Procedure
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I. Housekeeping/Supervisor/Executive Housekeeper

1. To supervise and inspect all assignment of the following:

a. Chambermaids/Maids
b. Roomboys/Room Attendants
c. Housemen/Janitors
d. Maintenance Men
e. Linen and Laundry Staff

2. Responsible in keeping and maintaining guests’ facilities and guests rooms I good order, clean and in sanitary condition. Assist in redecoration of guest room and hotel public spaces.

3. To maintain and control all necessary cleaning supplies and equipments needed in the housekeeping department.

4. To maintain adequate supplies of Linen, toiletries and other guest room and bathroom supplies at all times.

5. Responsible for the safeguarding of guests’ properties.

6. Responsible for training and upgrading housekeeping personnel.

7. Cooperate and coordinate with other department in the hotel.

II. Roomboys/Chambermaids/Maids

1. Prepare for turn-overs and report to the housekeeper for briefing.

2. Prepare the following:

a. Housekeeping Report Form
b. Linen Supplies Requisition
c. Cleaning Supplies Requisition
d. Other Assignments as prescribed by the housekeeping supervisor
e. Prepare Linen and Cleaning-Work Cart.

3. Obtain room duplicate keys after briefing and report immediately to areas of assignment designated by the supervisor on duty.

4. Arrival at assigned area

a. Check priority rooms that need immediate make-ups.
b. Check immediate rooms ready for sale.

Room Make-Ups (occupied)

5. Check door sign. If “Do not Disturb” sign is on display, it should be noted in your room report. It is often necessary to come back several times. If sign is still unchanged at the end of work period, report it to your supervisor.

6. “Make-up-Room”
Knock on the door gently 3 times with your hands and open door lock slowly. Announce for “Housekeeping” or “Maid Service”.

Special note:
See if someone is in the room sleeping or awake. If sleeping, close the door slowly and lock it slowly. Report immediately to Front Office and record it in your Housekeeping Report.
If someone is in the room and was not able to hear the first announcement for room make-up, announce it again and greet the guest. Ask if room make-up will be done or it may be scheduled later if he/she wishes.

Room Cleaning Methods:

7. Enter room and start lighting all lights and lamps and put off air-conditioning unit. Everything in the room must be in working order and it is maids’ responsibility to check things regularly.

8. Collect garbage and ashes at ashtrays. Be sure all loose trash and scattered newspapers, papers and others will be check carefully before making it as a trash. Return other newspapers, reading materials, guest’ paper notes and SCRATCH, (papers not crumpled), give-aways, supply desk forms and other important document seem to be important must be arranged and displayed according to your supervisor’s instructions.

9. Making the Bed

a. Prepare the required clean bed linens.
b. Strip the bed and shake soiled sheets gently before counting of items. This is to look for articles that guest might mistakenly rested it on the bed, (be careful on breakable items). If bed does not requires stripping for change of linens, make sheets installed the same as it were originally made and prepared according to your supervisor’s design and instruction.
c.Check always mattress and pad for stains or damage. If it needs changing make requisitions (asap).
d. Check condition of bed and headboard.
e. Start making up bed. Install bed sheets as per supervisor’s design and instruction. – (see basic and standard procedure of bed make-up)
f. Be sure that all required bed supplies are all in place and mitered, such as: Bottom Sheet; Top Sheet; Blanket; Cover Sheet (is used)

g. Install pillow case. Lay pillow or pillows on the bed when changing cases. It is unsanitary and also harmful to the pillows to tuck them under chin or in the mouth. Shake gently or fluff after putting on cases. Pillow stuffing are expensive and easily damage by excessive pounding.
h. Lay pillows at the head part of the bed, and follow design and instruction introduced by your supervisor.

10. Start floor cleaning (vacuuming or polishing).

11. Dusting and polishing of furniture and room equipments. Start at entrance itself. Work your way around the room and back to the door. That way you will be sure you have done every item in the room. Be sure to polish mirror at dresser-counter.

12. Return furniture exactly to the spot from which you moved it during polishing and vacuuming. Arrange it as per occupant’s choice also if been moved. The balance of the room depends on the careful placement of everything.

13. Observe the room, see if small details such as lamp chords, telephone and television wires, etc. are safely placed.

14. Report anything that needs repair.

15. Put-on/switch on air-conditioning unit (if room is occupied) Leave it off if vacant.

16. Observe the room again to make sure everything is in order.

17. Lock the door (if both bedroom and bathroom cleaning is done) if all make-ups are done, and make the housekeeping report. Accomplish room report as follows:

a. Time started
b. Time accomplished make-up
c. Nature of room
d. Other special remarks

CLEANING The Bathroom

18. Prepare cleaning agents (equipments and supplies) as provided by the housekeeper.
(Bathroom cleaning equipments such as rugs for bathroom and other must not be used in cleaning the bedrooms or any other purpose. It must be placed in a separate container and be kept separate from all others in your working cart. Use cleaning supplies and supplies and equipments approved only by the management.)

19. Collect loose trash, used hotel bath soap that can no longer be used, hairs and other debris. Discard it in an approved trash container. Do not flush it on the toilet or drain. All of these will lodge in the pipe drain and all will build up and stuck-up in the waterway.

20. Clean cabinet (medicine cabinet) and shine mirror. Start at the top of the mirror and work down as you clean and polish it.

21. Start disinfect toilet bowl and lavatory basin, including its immediate area – walls and floors. Do not scrub and polish yet. Leave it unlit you have finished working on the shower area and bath tub.

22. Clean now the shower area. Check shower curtain if clean and free from cuts or torn. Start cleaning top wall tiles going down paying particular attention to any ridges where

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