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Festivals and Events

FESTIVALS & EVENTS 2012 (as of 31 July 2012)


San Pablo Coco Festival
January 7-15, San Pablo City, Laguna
A weeklong celebration highlighted by a Mardi Gras with participants’ costumes made of coconut - derived materials.
Contact: City Tourism Office, San Pablo City, Laguna
Phone (63 49) 562-1429

Feast of the Three Kings
Date 1st Sunday of January (January 8)
Venue Poblacion, Gasan, Marinduque
Description A feast honoring the Three Kings who are
visiting the houses around the Poblacion of Gasan.
Contact : Public Information Office
Gasan , Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 342-1585

Haring Kalabaw
Date January 6
Venue Brgy. Hupi, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Description Carabaos are dressed and paraded around
the barangay; dancing and singing events are likewise held.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Sta Cruz, Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 321-1276

Fluvial Procession - Batangas City
Date January 7
Venue Batangas City
Description Fluvial parade at the sea to Calumpang River and merrymaking at the capital town.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Batangas City
Telephone No. (043) 723-2930

Biniray Festival
Date January 14
Venue Romblon, Romblon
Description Fluvial parade at the sea, merrymaking and
street dancing contest at the capital town.
The feast honors the Sto. Niño.
Contact : Mr. Cesar Malaya
Romblon Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone Nos. (054) 427-3218 local 2204 / (0917) 593-5008

Kawayan Festival
Date January 16 – 18
Venue Magdalena, Laguna
Description A celebration highlighted by street dancing competition with participants’ costumes made of bamboo grass materials.
Contact ; Office of the Mayor
Magdalena, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 503-1257

Sikhayan Festival
Date January 18
Venue Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Description Held every 18th of January, the Bayanihan Foundation Parade is a street fest displaying the bayanihan or Filipino command spirit of cooperation which makes seemingly in possible feasts realization. The event highlights the four evolution of the town from aquatic, agriculture, professional and to a industrial progressive city.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 534-3059

Basudani Festival / Feast of the Divine Savior
Date January 17-19
Venue Bansud, Oriental Mindoro
Description A thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest which coincides with the town fiesta. It features dances and cultural presentations by schools and barangay communities.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Bansud, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 298-7014

Feast of San Sebastian, The Martyr (Paligong Poon)
Date January 19 & 29
Venue Lumban, Laguna
Description A procession held at the Lumban River, where
the icon of the patron saint San Sebastian
together with hundreds of devotees is afloat on “Kaskitos”, or bunch of big boats.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Lumban, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 501-4281

Feast of Sto. Niño
Date January 19
Venue Buenavista, Marinduque
Description A celebration in honor of its patron saint, Señor Sto. Niño characterized by street dancing and other religious and cultural events.
Contact : Engr. Ranel Castillo
Office of Municipal Planning Development Coordinator of Buenavista, Marinduque
Mobile Phone Nos. (0919) 899-4028 / (0921) 583-3294

Date January 22 & 29
Venue Paete, Laguna
Description A religious festival honoring the Sto. Niño or
Jesus, the Holy Child. This is characterized by street dancing, Mardi Gras with participants pouring water among each other, recreating perhaps, the baptismal rites of the old.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Paete, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 817-1814

Feast of San Ildefonso Toledo
Date January 23-24
Venue Tanay, Rizal
Description The town fiesta in honor of San Ildefonso de
Toledo is held every January 23rd. Musical band sponsored by the 9 barangays roam around the town. The musical exhibition and competition is held in the afternoon of January 24. Painting exhibition, carnival and amateur singing competitions are likewise held.
Contact : Mr. Jeffrey Pino
Tanay Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone Nos. (02) 404-2296 / (0921) 591-1187

Banana Festival
Date January 25
Venue Baco, Oriental Mindoro
Description A celebration of the abundance of banana. It
features banana cooking fest, a banana(saba)
inspired street dancing competition and beauty pageant. This coincides with the town fiesta in honor of St. Joseph.
Contact : Ms. Cecilia Zulueta
Baco Municipal Tourism Office
Mobile Phone No. (0908) 893-5769

Sipag Festival
Date January 25
Venue Roxas, Oriental Mindoro
Description The municipality of Roxas serves as the center of trade and commerce in the southern part of Oriental Mindoro because of its bountiful products – palay and fruits like bananas, rambutan, lansones, mangoes, aquatic harvests and the different vegetables that abound in its farms. Sipag Festival is basically a product festival featuring the various produce of the locality. S stands for saging (banana); I for isda (fish); P is for prutas (fruits); PA for palay; and G for gulay (vegetables). The term “sipag” embodies the industriousness and ingenuity of the people for which Roxas is proud of.
Contact : Mr. Francis C. Famero
Roxas Municipal Tourism Coordinator
Telephone Nos. (043) 289-2824 / 289-2132
Emails : [email protected]
[email protected]
Website : www.roxasormindoro.gov.ph

Dugoy Festival
Date January 27
Venue Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro
Description The event showcases the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous people, specifically that of the Mangyan people, through activities such as street dancing, exhibits and cultural shows. The main concept is to promote and celebrate the “Dugoy Spirit” of camaraderie among the people of different culture and the harmonious relationships of the Sablayeños.
Contact : Ms. Luzviminda Alto
Municipal Tourism Officer
Sablayan, Mindoro Occidental
Mobile Phone Nos. (0928) 465-9585 / (0927) 280-3442

Candle Festival
Date January 31 to February 2
Venue Candelaria, Quezon
Description A three-day celebration from January 31 to February 2, to reflect the devotion of the people of Candelaria in “Nuestra Senora de Candelaria” likewise known as the Candlemas Virgin. It shows insights on the magnificence of the culture and tradition in the locality. The candle float parade and street dancing competition are among the major activities of the festival.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Candelaria, Quezon
Telephone Nos. (042) 585-4390 / 585-4277

Philippine International Arts Festival
Date February 1 - 29
Venue Province of Laguna
Description The Laguna celebration of the National Arts Month is being held in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th districts of the province. It showcases the artistic character of the Lagueños through the depiction of their way of life and source of livelihood manifested by ethnic street dancing. The event aims to instill the sense of identity and self-distinctiveness of its people.
Contact : History, Arts and Culture Office
Provincial Government of Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 501-5101

Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) Festival
Date February 6 – March 7
Venue Tanghalang Ma. Makiling, National Arts Center, Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna
Description The event features music and dance performances, exhibits and stage plays choreographed, prepared and directed by the graduating students of PHSA.
Contact : Ms. Beth Carlos / Ms. Helen Jimena
Telephone Nos. (049) 536-2862 / 536-5971

HAMAKA Festival
Date February 10 - 19
Venue Taytay, Rizal
Description A weeklong celebration of thanksgiving. The festivities showcase the talents of Taytayenos in terms of woodworks (HAmba), sewing machine (MAkina), garments/couturier’s design (KAsuotan). Activities during the festival includes trade exhibit, street dancing, fashion in the street, sportsfest and Ms. HAMAKA. The festival aims to promote tourism in Taytay and revitalize the woodworks and garments of the municipality.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Taytay, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 284-4765

Laguimanok Festival
Date February 13 -17
Venue Padre Burgos, Quezon
Description The celebration of the foundation day of the town. A parade of floats, street dancing, beauty pageant, kayak race and the longest chicken roasting competition culminates the festival.
Contact Ms. Dashiell A. Laudes
Office of the Mayor
Padre Burgos, Quezon
Mobile Phone No. (0906) 556-1456

Adyawan Festival
Date February 16
Venue San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro
Description This festival displays the many uses of coconut – from its leaves, trunks, down to its root. Adyawan is one variety of this “tree of life” that is common among the Iraya-Mangyans of San Teodoro. The festival further highlights the culture and tradition of this indigenous group.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Oriental Mindoro
Telephone Nos. (043) 286-7046/ 441-0303

Philippine Visual Arts Festival 2012 – The Rizal Experience
Date February 17 - 21
Venue Angono, Rizal
Description The Philippine Visual Arts Festival 2012 : The Rizal Experience (PVAF : TRE) is a festival organized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Month programme. For the first time, PVAG : TRE will be held in key spots of Rizal, considered by pundits as the country’s “Art Province” with Angono leading the way as the nation’s Art Capital. The festival’s objective is to promote tourism in the province of Rizal through time-honored traditions. Painting, sculpture, cultural entertainment, new inventions, local cuisine, tour of scenic spots and a vast array of various merchandise and goods.
Contact : Mr. Nemesio R. Miranda, Jr. (NEMIRANDA)
Festival Director of PVAF : TRE
Telephone No. : (02) 451-1580
Mobile Phone : (0928) 484-8566

Website Addresses : www.ncaa.gov.ph
Sorteo Grand Festival
Date February 16 to 22
Venue Carmona ,Cavite
Description A weeklong festivity highlighting Carmona’s unique tradition of Sorteo ng Bukid ng Bayan, in which the communal lands are raffled off to its citizens every three years.
The said tradition dates back to the Spanish Regime, after the barrio of Latag gained its autonomy from the town of Silang and was named “Carmona”. In the 1860s, to give equal economic rights to all the residents, the Spanish Government started “SUBASTA DE LAS TIERRAS COMMUNALES DEL PUEBLO DE CARMONA”, which is literally translated to Lottery of Communal Lands of the town of Carmona. The lottery winners may cultivate the parcel of agricultural land they won for 3 years for free. Since then, it has been practiced to benefit the townspeople every 3 years.
The festivities showcase Carmona’s creativity and talents in different competitions such as Bahay Mo, Gayak Sorteo (house decoration contest), Hataw Galaw Indak Sorteo (street dancing open competition), Karakol sa Sorteo, Parangal sa Gintong Butil (recognition of outstanding citizens) and Bb. Sorteo Pageant, to name a few.
On the eve of February 20, the townspeople welcome the Founding Anniversary with fireworks which also signifies the opening of the three-day raffle marathon of Sorteo ng Bukid ng Bayan.
Contact : Municipal Information Office
Carmona, Cavite
Telephone No. : (046) 430-2820
Website : www.carmonagov.net
Boling-Boling Festival
Date February 19 - 21
Venue Catanauan, Quezon
Description It is an age-old practice particular to Catanauanins, which is celebrated annually. Participants roam around the town garbed in any costume they may fancy. Most of them wear colorful clown-like clothes while others imitate anybody whom they want, be it somebody they idolize or somebody they despise, and make fun of them. Boling-Boling comes from the Visayan word “ Boling “ which means dirt. The festival reminds us of the vulnerability of a man and serves as symbolic spiritual cleansing and signals the start of the Lenten season.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Catanauan, Quezon
Telephone Nos. (042) 315-8198 / 315-8145
Sampaguita Festival
Date February 20-21
Venue San Pedro, Laguna
Description Grand parade of colorful floats participated
by both government and private sector. The
highlight of the festival is the Coronation Night
of the “Hiyas ng San Pedro”. The festival aims
to promote tourism in San Pedro and revitalize the sampaguita industry in San Pedro, Laguna.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
San Pedro, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (02) 868-8923 / 808-2020 local 409
Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival – The Mangyan Cultural Festival
Date March 2 - 4
Venue Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Description The Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival is an annual celebration of music, arts and nature. Coinciding with the full moon, the festival will be held outdoors at the foot of Mount Malasimbo, overlooking the Puerto Galera Bay, selected as one of “The Most Beautiful Bays in the World”.
The festival aims to blend traditional arts and performing styles with contemporary expressions in the arts and showcase the culture of the Manyan tribal communities while working towards the protection and sustainability of the environment in the environs of Puerto Galera.
The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is a project of VU Entertainment headed by Miro Grgic and Hubert d’ Aboville who are coordinating their efforts to boost inbound tourism into Oriental Mindoro and Puerto Galera, the indigenous culture of the Mangyan communities, reforestation, marine preservation and promote Philippine arts, music and culture.
Contact : Mr. Miro Grgic
[email protected]
Mr. Hubert d’ Aboville
[email protected]
Office Landline : (02) 889-8374
Website Address: www.malasimbofestival.com

Puerto Princesa Foundation Day
Date March 4
Venue Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Description A celebration of the founding anniversary of
the City highlighted by the crowning of Ms.
Puerto Princesa.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Telephone Nos. (048) 433-2983 / 434-4211
Birth Anniversary of the Late President Jose P. Laurel
Date March 9
Venue Tanauan, Batangas
Description A yearly celebration commemorating the birth
of President Jose P. Laurel.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Tanauan City, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 778-5639
Sikaran Festival
Date March 10
Venue Baras, Rizal
Description In Sikaran, the players move around like
boxers. Each one aims to knock his opponent
down by kicking at the latter’s legs. The kicks
are delivered with considerable force and
agility and sudden upward and backward
movements of the foot. The use of the feet is
necessary in winning over the opponent thus,
the name “Sikaran” which means to kick.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Baras, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 653-2783 / 653-2781
Sulyog Festival
Date March 19
Venue Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro
Description A religious festival in honor of St. Joseph
celebrated by way of a Sulyog (Suli and Niyog)
festival done through dances, floats and
cultural shows.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 283-5013
Kalap Festival
Date March 21
Venue Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Description As historians say, Calapan comes from the word “kalap” which is believed to be a kind of tree. Others say “kalap” means the process of gathering woods’. From this research, it developed into a deeper analysis and interpretation of the word “kalap” which became the basis of the festival celebration to gather series of historical facts about Calapan anchored on values of discipline, unity and God loving citizenry.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 288-2054
Birthday of General Emilio Aguinaldo
Date March 22
Venue Cavite
Description A celebration commemorating the birth of the
First President of the Philippine Republic
Contact : Kawit Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone No. (046) 481-5706
Flower and Garden Show
Date March 23 to April 1
Venue Social Garden, University of the Philippines
Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB)
Description It is a ten-day showcase of flower garden and ornamental plants selected by the Los Baños Orchid Society.
Contact : Ms. Teresa Cangao
Telephone No. (049) 536-3537
Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival
Date March 28 to April 2
Venue Pagsanjan, Laguna
Description A flotilla of boats decorated with the colors of
the vintas and the bright hues of summer with
gorge that are paraded downstream of the Pagsanjan River. A competition of the skills among the boatmen is held, among others as part of the annual event organized by the Municipality and the Resort Industry of Pagsanjan, Cavinti and Lumban.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Pagsanjan, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 821-7950 / 808-4057
Turumba Festival
Date March 30, April 10, 16, 17, 18, 27, May 6, 18, 27 and September 16
Venue Pakil, Laguna
Description The largest religious activity consists of seven
fiestas or lupi to commemorate the seven sorrows of Our Lady of Turumba, starting before the Holy Week and every nine days thereafter and ends in the month of September, celebrated with a dancing procession.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Pakil, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 557-1766 / 557-1884
Pandan Festival
Date March 31 to April 3
Venue Luisiana, Laguna
Description A 5-day celebration culminating in April 3, to
commemorate the Independence Day of
Luisiana. The whole celebration revolves
around the Pandan plant and its by-products
like bags, hats, mats and other novelty items.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Luisiana, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 503-6208
Date Good Friday
Venue Rosario, Batangas
Description It is a Lenten celebration of commemorating
the life and passion of Jesus Christ
starting on Ash Wednesday.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Rosario, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 321-2561
Moriones Observance
Date Holy Week
Venue Boac, Gasan and Mogpog, Marinduque
Description A festival of the Moriones, colorfully garbed
and masked soldier and centurions;
culminates in the re-enactment of the
beheading of Longinus. The entire towns of
Boac, Mogpog and Gasan are virtually
converted into huge stages as the story of
Longinus unfolds.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 332-1177
Date Holy Week
Venue Cainta, Rizal
Description Passion plays called cenaculo are held in
various places all over the Philippines during
Holy Week. However in Cainta, Rizal people
go to the streets to witness passion plays participated by the town folks.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cainta, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 655-0846 local 202 / 387-2992
The Subok
Date Holy Week
Venue Taytay and Tanay, Rizal
Description A group of men, after feasting and doing an
overnight meditation, gather around the
church to await the Santo Entierro, a wooden statue of the dead Christ. They rush forward to insert various objects in the folds of the robes, under the feet, in the hallow of the hands. The image is then loaded with handkerchiefs, bronze medals and pieces of paper inscribed with Latin phrases. The float is encircled by the men with linked hands. After the procession, these men retrieve the objects from the image, then followed by the ritual called Subok, the testing of the talisman by using whips, revolvers, knives, machetes and bolo throughout the afternoon and evening until Holy Saturday. Each one tests the effectiveness of his talisman by requesting another man to shoot or stab him.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Taytay, Rizal /Tanay, Rizal
Telephone Nos. Taytay – (02) 284-4770 / 284-4765
Tanay – (02) 654-1002
Pabasa ng Pasyon
Date Holy Thursday
Venue San Juan, Batangas
Description Traditional celebration of reading “pasyon” that
depicts the life and death of Jesus Christ.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
San Juan, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 575-3210
Ang Hatol …… (The Way of the Cross)
Date Good Friday
Venue Cainta, Rizal
Description A stage presentation that highlights the
judgment of Pontius Pilate on Jesus Christ.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cainta, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 655-0846 local 202 / 387-2992
Date Good Friday
Venue Binangonan, Rizal
Description It is a play executed every Good Friday by
replaying the funeral of Jesus Christ through a
procession. Due to the influx of tourists,
devotees and other people trying to touch the
Sepulkro, sways, hence it was named
Giwang-giwang. People searching for an
amulet or anting-anting join this religious
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Binangonan, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 651-0163 / 652-0553
Date Black Saturday/Easter Sunday
Venue Angono, Rizal
Description Black Saturday is highlighted by a 3-hour
presentation of “Vigilia na Muling
Pagkabuhay” at the patio of the church.
On Easter Sunday, a celebration is to
reenact the reunion of the Risen Christ with
the Virgin Mary. It is facilitated by the removal
of the mourning veil from Virgin Mary’s head
by a young girl inside an inverted giant paper
flower suspended from bamboo trellises. The
petals are mechanically opened by giant toy
birds to reveal the girl inside. It is then
followed by a religious dancing of young ladies
called “Kapitana” and “Tenyenta”, to the tune
of “Bati”.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Angono, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 651-0062 / 451-1033
Marilag Festival
Date April 10 - 14
Venue Santa Maria, Laguna
Description Kalakal Festival is focus on the development of Santa Maria through agriculture. The festival is geared on the promotion of economic development through marketing assistance to agricultural sector not only from the local but also nearby agricultural municipalities and provinces.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Santa Maria, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 501-1611

Ana Kalang Festival
Date April 11 - 15
Venue Nagcarlan, Laguna
Description A roster-full of activities highlighting an agricultural fair that exhibits the town’s bountiful harvests and products. A musical festival, children’s sports competition, cultural events enhance the harvest celebration.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Nagcarlan, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 563-1202
“La Laguna” Festival
Date April 20 - 29
Venue Provincial Capitol Compound
Sta. Cruz, Laguna
Description The La Laguna Festival – The Festival of Life pays tribute to Laguna Lake, long regarded as one of the “Living Lakes of the World” where the culture and history of the people of Laguna revolve around. The festival aims to create a greater appreciation of the progress and development of the province, the excellence of its human resources and their desire to preserve Laguna Lake, the largest lake in the Philippines and the third largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.
The La Laguna Festival is a week-long celebration that highlights the biodiversity of the lake and the rich natural resources of Laguna. It showcases a variety of competitions such as the dragon boat race, brass bands competition, flora and fauna farms, cookfest, trade fair and the choreographed sound and sight fireworks competition.
The festival is organized by the Provincial Government in cooperation with the Municipal and City Mayors of Laguna.
Contact : Mr. Delto Michael A. Abarquez, Jr.
Provincial Government of Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 501-3323 / 501-8212
(0917) 579-5526 / (0908) 897-4071
Bahag-Hari Festival
Date April 24 to 25
Venue Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
Description According to an old story, the early settlers of Pinamalayan came from Marinduque. While on their way to Mindoro using their boats, they encountered turbulent weather and lost their direction. They prayed to God Almighty for deliverance and guidance so the weather cleared and a rainbow appeared on the horizon. The crew shouted ipinamalay meaning “it was made known”. They followed the direction of the rainbow and landed at what is now Barangay Lumangbayan and established the first settlement which they named Pinamalayan. The rainbow became the historical landmark of the town. The yearly Bahaghari Festival is a colorful commemoration of the importance of the rainbow in the history of the town of Pinamalayan. The celebration includes a street dancing competition, cultural presentations, religious and cultural activities, products and trade fair. Like the rainbow which rises to give color in the sky after the torrent of rain, the Bahaghari Festival is a reflection of the continuing effort of the people of Pinalamayan that there is truly paradise at the end of the rainbow.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone Nos. (043) 284-3146 / 443-1486
Taal El Pasubat Festival
Date April 26 to 28
Venue Taal, Batangas
Description The Taal El Pasubat Festival showcases the rich and distinct culture of Taaleños. El Pasubat is an acronym to the main products of Taal such as Empanada, Longganisa (local sausage), Panucha (peanut brittle), Suman (rice cake), Barong (piña and jusi fabrics), Balisong (sharp knives) and Tapa (cured beef or pork).
The events such as Mamaraka sa Taal Trade Fair featuring the Taal local products and industries, Culinary and Crafts Competitions, Visita de las Casas, an “open house” of ancestral houses, Gran Festival del Baile, an evening gala of dancing under the stars, El Pasubat Night, Palaro ng Lahi and a Grand Parade with Street Dancing Competitions are organized for the festivities.
Contact : Arch. Robert Arambulo
Taal Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone Nos. (043) 421-1060 / 408-0577
Indak Padurukan Festival
Date April 28
Venue San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
Description The festival incorporates the exhibition of the
cultural heritage of Mindoro’s ethnic communities.

Contact : Office of the Mayor
San Jose, Occidental, Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 491-7950
Kalipayan Festival
Date April 28 to 29
Venue San Agustin, Romblon
Description Kalipayan in the native tongue of the people of
San Agustin means “festivity” or “merry making”. It is being held every last Saturday of April to promote and highlight the cultural and eco tourism sites of the municipality.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
San Agustin, Romblon
Telephone Nos. (02) 435-0083 / (0920) 900-6393 / (0918) 941-4690
Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas (Footwear) Festival
Date April 26 to May 1
Venue Liliw, Laguna
Description A colorful event that highlights the parade of
floats featuring the agricultural and industrial
products of Liliw, a parade of bird mascots reminding the people of the origin of the name “Liliw”. Katutubong Palaro, Gabi ng Harana, musical arts and painting contests and the Gawad Parangal for outstanding Liliweños for their exemplary service to the community are among the highlight activities of the festival.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Liliw, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 563-1001
Tromba Festival
Date May 1
Venue Baras, Rizal
Description The celebration is derived from the ancient Spanish religious festival in honor of the Nuestra Señora de Turumba. Afternoon procession and street dancing is preceded by a Pagoda parade held in Baras River.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Baras, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 653-3909 / 629-7950
Pasinggatan Festival
Date May 1 to 5
Venue Taytay, Palawan
Description Pasinggatan Festival comes from the word “singgat” meaning to shine or luster, an apt name for festival whose events bring out the best in people from their talents to their personalities.
Contact : Ms. Ester Dacuan
Taytay Municipal Tourism Officer
Mobile Phone No. (0906) 892-0923
Salubong (Holy Cross Festival)
Date May 2
Venue Alitagtag and Bauan, Batangas
Description An annual meeting of an icon which the early Philippine Christian called as the Mahal na Poon Santa Krus. The devotees mostly of the towns of Alitagtag and Bauan joined this religious festival to invoke the icon, pledge their loyalty, thank it for the blessings granted and call on it for protection, healing and well-being. The 2 crosses meet on the boundary of the municipalities of Alitagtag and Bauan going to Binukalan Shrine where a mass is celebrated.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Alitagtag, Batangas/ Bauan, Batangas
Telephone No. Alitagtag – (043) 772-0154
Bauan – (043) 727-1253
Sublian Festival
Date May 2
Venue Bauan, Batangas
Description The municipality of Bauan celebrates the Sublian every May 2nd. This festival aims to revive the centuries-old tradition of dancing the Subli, an indigenous dance of Bauan. This dance ritual is being done to pay homage to the Holy Cross of Bauan.
Contact : Mr. Bing Cordero
Bauan High School
Telephone No. (043) 727-1090
Feast of the Holy Cross
Date May 3
Venue Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Description Fiesta of Sta. Cruz in honor of the Holy Cross. Religious, cultural and civic activities are lined up for the event.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Sta. Cruz, Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 321-1276
Antipolo Pilgrimage
Date First Tuesday of May until First Tuesday of July
Venue Antipolo City, Rizal
Description Every May time, many pilgrims are seen taking
the much-trodden path leading to Antipolo. It is the small town that one can find the religious Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo. The image, which is already three centuries-old, is said to exhibit supernatural powers. To this day, many families visit the shrine and at the same time organize picnic activities in the cold hills of Antipolo. In the evening of April 30 to the eve of May 1, thousands of devotees from several places in Metro Manila make annual trek on the foot to Antipolo.
A street dancing competition is a major activity of the festival.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Antipolo City, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 661-1880
Ang Tipulo Festival
Date May 5
Venue Antipolo City, Rizal
Description The Ang Tipulo Festival coincides with the commemoration of the “miracle” of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage when an epidemic illness hit the Antipoleños during the Spanish regime and they were miraculously healed after the Holy Mass at the Pinagmisahan Hills.
This festival was extracted from the City’s name Antipolo and derived from the Antipolo tree (Artocarpus incise) or locally known as “Tipulo” tree which was in abundance in the area during ancient times.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Antipolo City, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 661-1880
De Galera Festival
Date May 9 to 12
Venue Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Description An annual event showcasing Puerto Galera’s rich historical heritage, culture and abundant natural resources. The highlight of the event is a fluvial parade at the sea joined by devotees of Our Lady of Fatima. The wooden boats are elaborately decorated in a tropical setting.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. ((043) 287-3051
Feast of Our Lady of Biglang Awa
Date May 10
Venue Boac, Marinduque
Description A celebration in honor of the Patroness of Marinduque.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Boac, Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 332-1011
Mayohan sa Tayabas(San Isidro Festival)
Date May 9 to18
Venue Tayabas, Quezon
Description A thanksgiving event marked with agro-trade fair and the famous Agawan ng Suman in honor of San Isidro Labrador, patron saint of farmers, for the good harvest and abundance of agricultural produce.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Tayabas, Quezon
Telephone No. ((042) 793-3129
Agawan sa Sariaya(San Isidro Festival)
Date May 13 to 15
Venue Sariaya, Quezon
Description The Agawan Festival is an age-old tradition of thanksgiving to San Isidro Labrador for a bountiful harvest, being observed in the town of Sariaya, Quezon. The houses along the procession route are artfully decorated by the residents mostly with fresh farm produce, while in recent years have given way to other more commercial commodities. Moreover, tall bamboo trees hanged with goodies lined up at both sides of the streets, providing a beautiful and bountiful swaying canopy. In the afternoon, the people eagerly await the passing of the patron of farmers which is the signal for everyone to grab at everything within their arm reach, with a big help from the residents who eagerly rip off the decorations and throw them to the crowd, all in the spirit of giving and sharing aptly termed as “Happy Pandemonium”. The Sariaya Tourism Council spruced up this tradition with a host of activities spread over a few days for appropriate tourism promotion.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Sariaya, Quezon
Telephone No. (042) 525-8450 / 651-2650
Pahiyas sa Lucban (San Isidro Festival)
Date May 14 to 15
Venue Lucban, Quezon
Description One of the country’s biggest, and most colorful harvest festival every May 15th, along with the harvest festivals of the towns of Tayabas, Sariaya, Gumaca and Tiaong. These are the Philippines best known harvest festivals to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. Known as the “Pahiyas”, the festival is deeply rooted in the traditional celebration of the townsfolk in thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. Decorations called “Kiping”, leaf-shaped and multi-colored rice paste wafers which are used to decorate the facades of the homes along with fruits and flowers from nature. The visual and culinary feast has gained national and international recognition.
The Lucban town center is a permanent facility for merchandising crafts and delicacies including special events that showcases the lifestyle of its environs.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Lucban, Quezon
Telephone No. (042) 540-4887
Arana’t Balwarte sa Gumaca(San Isidro Festival)
Date May 15
Venue Gumaca, Quezon
Description Huge arches placed on strategic locations are lavishly decorated with the most colorful farm produce, local delicacies, horticultural products and palm fronds which are offerings of the local townsfolk to San Isidro, patron saint of farmers, for their bountiful harvest, good fortune and prosperity. The decors are mounted on frames that are playfully lowered and raised to the delight of guests, children and local townsfolk who joyfully reach out and compete with each other to share the goodies.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Gumaca, Quezon
Telephone Nos. (042) 317-6335 / 317-7591
Feast of San Isidro Labrador/Carabao Festival
Date May 15
Venue Angono, Rizal
Description Farmers pay tribute to their patron saint, San Isidro Labrador with a colorful and joyous procession of carabao carts carrying a myriad of local products. Prizes are awarded to the strongest and most beautifully decorated carabao. Likewise, a carabao paper mache contest is being held and included in the parade.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Angono, Rizal
Telephone Nos. (02) 651-0062 / 451-1033
Tinapay Festival
Date May 15
Venue Cuenca, Batangas
Description An annual festival conceived as thanksgiving to their patron saint, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage for a bountiful life.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cuenca, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 342-1202
Panalaminan Festival
Date May 10 to 14
Venue Roxas, Palawan
Description Panalaminan is a Cuyunan word which means “to mirror”. The festival’s name refers to both the municipality’s history as a repository of silica sand used in producing mirrors and glassware and to its’ claim of being the reflection of Northern Palawan beauty, with Roxas as a point of the bountiful convergence of Agri-Fishery and Ecotourism.
Contact : Ms. Ma. Vega Louella Fernandez
Roxas Municipal Tourism Officer
Mobile Phone No. (0917) 824-9666
Calauan “Pinya” Festival
Date May 11 to 15
Venue Calauan, Laguna
Description An annual event which started in 1999. The festival aims to promote pineapple and other agricultural products of Calauan. It features cultural presentation and exhibit performances, mardi gras, street dancing, pineapple float parade, pineapple and native products décor contest.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Calauan, Laguna.
Telephone Nos. (049) 568-0015 / 568-0011
Katang Festival
Date May 21 to 25
Venue Calauag, Quezon
Description A festival highlighting the Higanteng Alimango as their icon. The feast celebrates the abundance of mud crab in the province.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Calauag, Quezon
Telephone Nos. (042) 301-7373 / 301-7369
Pasayahan sa Lucena
Date May 20 to 28
Venue Lucena City
Description A parade of floats with different motifs, the best of which is given an award; a Mardi Gras is likewise presented while people eat, drink and dance on the streets.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Lucena City
Telephone Nos. (042) 373-5933 / 373-5931
Date May 31
Venue Alitagtag, Batangas
Description Tapusan honors the Holy Cross on the last day of May. Floral offerings are laid at the foot of the cross during the afternoon ceremonies in the town church. The observance peaks on the 31st of May with a colorful procession during which the cross is mounted on a gaily decorated float, together with other floats swathed with lights, silken fabrics and freshly cut blooms to honor the various Marian images.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Alitagtag, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 772-0154
Rizal Province Foundation Day
Date June 11
Venue Provincial Capitol, Antipolo City
Description A province wide celebration of Rizal’s founding anniversary. Activities are parade, street dancing, trade fair and art exhibit; search for Ms. Rizal, poster making contest, quiz bee, basketball exhibition game and ballroom dancing for senior citizens.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 620-2400 local 4242 and 4241
Independence Day
Date June 12
Venue Kawit, Cavite
Description Reenactment of the historic Proclamation of the Philippine Independence is done at the mansion of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first President of the Philippine Republic.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Kawit, Cavite
Telephone No. (046) 574-0045 / 484-7507
Feast of San Antonio de Padua
Date June 13
Venue Pila, Laguna
Description The townsfolk of Pila celebrate the feast of San Antonio de Padua through a procession, merry making and festive dining in most of the beautiful ancestral homes. The San Antonio de Padua Parish Church and the town plaza are the focal points of the activities.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Pila, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 559-0785
Rizal Day
Date June 19
Venue Calamba City, Laguna
Description In memory of the birthday of the Philippine National hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the townfolks of Calamba offer flowers at the Rizal shrine. A civic parade is organized to feature the life of Dr. Rizal and culminates at the town plaza.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Calamba City
Telephone No. (049) 545-7887
Pista ng Kalikasan
Date June 19
Venue Provincewide, Palawan
Description A massive tree planting activity to help alleviate global warming.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Palawan
Telephone No. (048) 433-2968
Pista Y Ang Kagueban
Date June 19
Venue Magarwak, Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City
Description A festive reforestation done by practically all people from different walks of life with activities such as performance of the environmental artists of Puerto Princesa City through songs and dances.
Contact : Puerto Princesa City Tourism Office
Telephone No. (048) 434-9310
Regada Water Festival
Date June 24
Venue Cavite City
Description In honor of Nuestra Señora de Porta Vaga, sprinklers are installed at the City’s streets so that revelers get a shower. Regada is derived from the word regar which means water. The affair showcases what is best and unique among Caviteños.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cavite City
Telephone No. (046) 431-0462
Baragatan sa Palawan
Date 3rd week of June
Venue Provincial Capitol Grounds
Puerto Princesa City
Description A grand celebration of the founding anniversary of the civil government of Palawan. Highlights are Local Government Unit (LGU) Trade and Food Fair; and colorful parade with participation of the different municipalities and private sectors featuring the ethnic groups residing in the province.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Palawan
Telephone No. (048) 433-2968
Parada ng Lechon
Date June 24
Venue Balayan, Batangas
Description A celebration that coincides with the Feast of St. John the Baptist. Lechons coming from the barangays of the town are paraded at the town plaza. After the parade, the town’s people and guests partake in the fete.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Balayan, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 921-7950
Sab’uyan Festival / Feast of St. John the Baptist
Date June 24
Venue Pola, Oriental Mindoro
Description Legend says that a long time ago, a fisherman saw the statue of St. John the Baptist which became Pola’s patron saint. Sab’uyan Festival takes place every June 24th in honor of St. John the Baptist whose image is taken from the church and carried on procession accompanied by a band and set on a beautifully decorated boat to the sea where it was first found. The Sab’uyan begins. People in the boat throw seawater to one another chanting “Viva San Juan Bautista”. After the procession at the sea, the image is carried around town. Dancers from various groups follow the image. The Sab’uyan continues. The splashing of water is received with good humor for the people believe that being doused brings good health, luck and happiness. The procession ends at the church plaza.
Contact : Oriental Mindoro Provincial Tourism Office
Telephone No. (043) 286-7046/ 441-0306
Kaniyog’n Festival
Date June 28
Venue Brooke’s Point, Palawan
Description “Kaniyogan” or coconut plantation abound in this town and has become an important means of sustenance for its people. The festival aims to promote the diverse products derived from the “tree of life”. The celebration also features trade fairs, cultural and contemporary shows, sports activities and a beauty pageant.
Contact : Ms. Arlene Piramide
Brooke’s Point Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone No. (0919) 991-0773
Biniray Festival
Date June 28
Venue Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Description The festival is being held to honor the town’s patron saints Peter and Paul, a way of thanksgiving for the blessings from the sea. The celebration starts in the early hours of the morning, with a flotilla of intricately decorated boats that encircles Bulalacao Bay and met by the townsfolk at it lands on the shore.
Marching continues on the streets with icons of the two saints greeted by the devotees in religious manner. A procession is done later at twilight and ends at the church ground. The traditional putong (crowning) of the patrons complete the final rituals amidst songs and dances by adults and children alike.
A street dancing is also staged during the day participated mostly by students in indigenous costumes.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 286-7046/ 441-0306
Sublian Festival
Date July 5 to August 5
Venue Batangas City
Description An annual celebration that highlights a ritual dance to pay homage to the Holy Cross as a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Batangas City
Telephone No. (043) 723-6736
Maubanog Festival
Date July 9 - 14
Venue Mauban, Quezon
Description A seven-day cultural extravaganza that features the town’s colorful history, amiable people, tasty cuisine and its locally fermented wine which can only be found in Mauban.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Mauban, Quezon
Telephone No. (042) 784-0521
Syensaya Los Baños Science Festival
Date July 19 to 23
Venue Los Baños, Laguna
Description The festival features exhibits, study tour seminars, film showing, symposium and awarding ceremony for the Los Baños Science Community.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Los Baños, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 536-0050
Pakapya-Agtike Festival
Date July 20 to 27
Venue Socorro, Oriental Mindoro
Description The festival is being held annually to commemorate the town fiesta. It is a ceremonial tradition practiced by Tadyawan Mangyans as a thanksgiving ritual to praise the Almighty for bountiful harvests.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Socorro, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 284-5015 / 284-5278
Birth Anniversary of Apolinario Mabini
Date July 22
Venue Brgy. Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas
Description An annual celebration commemorating the birth anniversary of the Sublime Paralytic. Activities include flower offering.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Tanauan City, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 778-5639
Mangyan Festival
Date July 24
Venue Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro
Description Mansalay, the second largest municipality of Oriental Mindoro has a total of 13,000 to 15,000 highly cultured and civilized ethnic group called the Mangyans.
It is every July 24th when the Mangyans showcase their expertise in making and weaving baskets, beadworks, mats and bags.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 286-7046

Anniversary of the Battle of Paye
Date July 30
Venue Brgy. Balimbing, Boac, Marinduque
Description The first officially recorded encounter between the United States troops and the Filipino Revolutionary forces in the island of Marinduque wherein the latter inspite of poor weaponry emerged victorious.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Boac, Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 311-1378
Maliputo Festival
Date August 9
Venue San Nicolas, Batangas
Description The festival is a showcase of local maliputo (Caramax Ignobilis) and its contribution to the growing industry of fish in the area. The people of San Nicolas enduring efforts to promote and cultivate the maliputo as a source of income to local residents is highlighted by a street dancing parade showcasing the different concepts and themes of maliputo fish.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
San Nicolas, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 210-5100/ 210-5946
Araw ng Tayabas
Date August 13
Venue Tayabas, Quezon
Description Designated as the day for commemorating heroism of Tayabasins. The event calls for unity, strengthens social bonding and encourages Tayabasins to renew its commitment to service. Araw ng Tayabas pays tribute to the historical event in August 13, 1898 when the Spaniards surrendered to the revolutionaries of Tayabas.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Tayabas, Quezon
Telephone No. (042) 793-3129
Santones Festival
Date August 15-22
Venue Barangay Calumpang, Liliw, Laguna
Description A five day festivity featuring the sweet santol and lanzones fruits raised in the locality.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Liliw, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 563-1001
Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption
Date August 15
Venue Boac, Marinduque
Description A celebration in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption.
Contact : Parish of Immaculate Conception Church
Telephone No. (042) 332-1260
Quezon Day / Angono Day
Date August 19
Venue Angono, Rizal
Description The residents of Angono led by the Municipal Tourism Office, prepare a weeklong celebration characterized by trade fairs, art exhibits, symphonic band concerts and cultural presentations. Flower offering to the statue of President Manuel L. Quezon is being observed, to commemorate his birth anniversary.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Angono, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 651-0062 / 451-1033
Date August 23
Venue Teresa, Rizal
Description This is done every year during the feast of Saint Rose of Lima called “Turumba sa Birhen” which means a unique dance dedicated to Saint Rose of Lima, the patron saint of Teresa. Song and dance rites are practiced during the turn of the 19th century up to this time. It is participated by children, young and old who dance with the accompaniment of the musical band. They are clad in colorful costumes with big salakot decorated with multi colored Japanese papers and dance their way from the church to the different barangays of the town. They get hold of any branches of trees and shrubs found on their way to use as their swaying instruments for the dance.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Teresa, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 650-5378 to 79 / (02) 650-5380
Guiling – Guiling Festival
Date Last Friday of August
Venue Siniloan, Laguna
Description It is a one day program highlighted by a street dancing around the town and participated by 20 barangays, public and private schools and non government organizations to commemorate the foundation day of Siniloan. Cookfest using galapong or rice flour as the main ingredient and Gilingan contest (grinding of rice on a gilingan bato) are the main attractions. A cultural night featuring folk songs and dances culminates this big event in the evening.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Siniloan, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 813-0202
Dagundong Festival
Date September 7
Venue Maragondon, Cavite
Description Held every 7th day of September wherein a group of street dancers parade in indigenous materials. An exhibit of bamboo products is likewise done in the town plaza.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Maragondon, Cavite
Telephone No. (046) 412-2512
DaBaLisTiHit Festival
Date September 10
Venue Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
Description DaBaLisTiHit Festival features different fresh water species found in Naujan Lake through props and costumes in a street dance.
DaBaLisTiHit is an acronym meaning DA for dalag; BA for banak; LIS for bangles; TI for tilapia and HIT for hito.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 208-3545
Anniversary of the Battle of Pulang Lupa
Date September 13
Venue Torrijos, Marinduque
Description It commemorates a historical event of the Filipino-American war when Filipino revolutionaries staged their first major victory against the Americans during the second-phase of the Philippine Revolution – the Filipino-American War.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Torrijos, Marinduque
Telephone No. (042) 753-0038
Sariaya Town Fiesta
Date September 14
Venue Sariaya, Quezon
Description The Sariaya town fiesta is an old tradition of celebration in honor of the 18th century replica of the Santo Cristo de Burgos, given to the residents of the town by King Felipe V of Spain when it was still at its third town site which is now reduced to the ruins of its stone church after the earthquake and flood of the year 1743.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Sariaya, Quezon
Telephone No. (042) 525-8450 / 651-2650
Bañamos Festival
Date September 14 - 17
Venue Los Banos, Laguna
Description This festival is a toast to the hot spring bath of Los Baños coinciding with the founding anniversary of the Municipality of Los Banos, which features science discovery exhibit, beauty pageant, street dancing competition and Makiling Quest Adventure Race.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Los Baños, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 536-1385
Kapakyanan Festival
Date September 18
Venue Victoria, Oriental Mindoro
Description Victoria is presently known as the “fruit basket” of Oriental Mindoro. Kapakyanan Festival is a fruit festival highlighting the abundance of fruit produce of the town. Kapakyanan is a Mangyan term which means kasaganaan or abundance.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Victoria, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 285-5446 / 285-5506
Parada ng Kakanin / Feast of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu
Date September 21
Venue San Mateo, Rizal
Description The Parada ng Kakanin was introduced by Monsigñor Manuel Balbago for the celebration of the foundation day of Nuestra Señora de Aranzazu. After the parade, delicacies were given to all for free.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
San Mateo, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 570-2072
Burdang Lumban Festival
Date September 21- 25
Venue Lumban, Laguna
Description A festival showcasing the main industry of the town, embroidery of barong tagalog. The festivity is culminated by a street dancing competition.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Lumban, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 501-4252 / 501-0195
Birth Anniversary of Gen. Miguel Malvar
Date September 27
Venue Capitol Site, Batangas City
Description A commemorative celebration of the birth anniversary of the last General to surrender to the Americans.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Malvar, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 778-5101
Bakood Festival
Date September 25-29
Venue Bacoor, Cavite
Description An annual celebration in honor of St. Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Bacoor.
It is a month long festivity spiced with a generous dose of service oriented and fun filled events guaranteed to boost tourism, promote trade and industry of Bacoor, strengthen camaraderie and instill among its people a sense of pride and appreciation for their rich cultural heritage.
Contact : Mr. Gil Flores
Municipal Tourism Office
Bacoor, Cavite
Telephone No. (046) 434-4466 local 110
(0908) 189-8899
Kawayanan Festival
Date October 1 to 3
Venue Gloria, Oriental Mindoro
Description Aside from its large produce of rice and coconut, Gloria has an exclusive reputation of possessing vast tracts of land growing different varieties of bamboo. The staging of the Kawayanan festival focuses on the affluence of “kawayan” (bamboo) in the area. Similar to other festivals, it is being celebrated with street dancing performances mostly by students from different levels. Costumes are also made of bamboo materials. A trade fair is likewise a special attraction with its varied display of products made of bamboos.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Gloria, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 284-3767
Pagoda (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi)
Date October 4
Venue Cardona, Rizal
Description The Pagoda or procession at the lake is annually held to ask the Lord Almighty for a bountiful and blessed lake through the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi. The Pagoda entourage consists of the main boat carrying the image of St. Francis accompanied by boats with musical bands and motorized bancas carrying the religious residents and visitors. While going through the territorial waters of Cardona, people throw bits and pieces of bread into the water, believing that the lake will provide a bountiful harvest and a good and safe year for all fishermen and lake travelers as well. The locals joining the procession prepares for their own banca rides. Special rides can be arranged by the Office of the Municipal Mayor.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cardona, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 401-8374 / 652-1598
La Torre
Date October 7
Venue Cardona, Rizal
Description The bells are housed in “La Torre” meaning the tower of the church belfry. Folks and children look up to “La Torre” often awed with different sizes and sounds of the bells housed therein. For years to date, their bells in “La Torre” announced cultural events. They even issue warnings in the advent of unforeseen calamities. The traditional and colorful “La Torre” will come alive with its joyful noise in concert with the music of the brass bands. It is not only a celebration of thanksgiving but it is also a celebration of hope that Cardona may continuously remain in the graces of our Lord.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Cardona, Rizal
Telephone No. (02) 401-8374 / 652-1598
Karakol Festival
Date October 12
Venue Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro
Description The powerful culture of devotion and faith is conveyed by Mambureños in the presentation of Karakol Festival parade during the feast of their patron saint Nuestra Senora del Pilar. This parade is a festive celebration wherein the parishioners cheerfully and joyfully carry the patron saint associated with festive music while they are dancing and praising with the belief that they will be blessed with prosperous life and good health. Participants wear colorful dresses and hats decorated with flowers. This tradition is being observed in the municipality since 1970.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 711-7950
Kaaldawan Iraya
Date 2nd week of October
Venue Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Description Kaaldawan is an Iraya-Mangyan term which means “Kaarawan” or birthday. Iraya, on the other hand, refers to a particular Mangyan tribe inhabiting the northern part of the island of Mindoro, wherein Puerto Galera is located. The Kaaldawan-Iraya Festival is a cultural presentation which features Iraya dances, songs, folktales, indigenous games, ethnography and other traditions. A street dancing competition among the primary and secondary schools in the town is also held.
Contact : Municipal Tourism Office
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 287-3051
Calacatchara Festival
Date October 15-24
Venue Calaca, Batangas
Description A merrymaking to express thanksgiving to the small producers of atsara that made the town of Calaca very popular in terms of sweetened papaya pickles known as “atsara”. The event focuses on the identity of the Calaca as a fast growing town and the ingenuity of its people in the production of atsara, a native appetizer of every household and a common gift or “pasalubong” to its visitors. The components of the festival are street dancing competition, agricultural fair, atsara Olympics, karambola, float parade competition and the search for Mr. & Ms. Calaca.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Calaca, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 223-5047 / (043) 223-4627 local 112
EGGStravaganza Festival
Date Every Second Friday of October
Venue San Jose, Batangas
Description A highlight of the Annual World Egg Day Celebration. It is observed every second Friday of October by the municipality of San Jose, the main provider of poultry products in the province of Batangas.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
San Jose, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 726-2206 local 102
Coffee Festival
Date 3rd week of October
Venue Lipa City, Batangas
Description The Coffee festival was conceived to showcase the long reign of Lipa as the Coffee Granary of the Philippines.
Contact : City Tourism Office
Lipa City, Batangas
Telephone No. (043) 784-2537
Tinapa Festival
Date October 22
Venue Rosario, Cavite
Description The festival is celebrated to promote and perpetuate the image of Rosario as the place where smoked fish called “Tinapang Salinas” originates.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Rosario, Cavite
Telephone No. (046) 438-2690 / 438-1800
Tamaraw Festival
Date The whole month of October
Venue Province wide, Occidental Mindoro
Description The event portrays the need to conserve the Tamaraw and endangered species found only in the island of Mindoro. This event showcases biocamp, info-caravan, cultural presentation, exhibits and beauty pageant.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Occidental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 711-1816
Apo Iraya Festival
Date October 24
Venue Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro
Description The event demonstrates the traditions and other ways of life of the Iraya Mangyans. It conveys a story of worship and belief in a supernatural being, the Apo Iraya. Apo Iraya guides the Iraya Mangyans in their day to day activities such as birth, marriage, sickness, death, farming and fishing.
Contact : Mr. Emerito Cristalino
Abra de Ilog Municipal Tourism Officer
Telephone No. (0918) 461-6422
Anniversary of the “Battle of Sibuyan Sea Day”
Date October 24

Venue Alcantara, Romblon

Description The Battle of Sibuyan Sea is one of the four (4) major battles leading to the historic Battle of Leyte Gulf which was considered as one of the largest naval battles in history, between the naval forces of Japan and the United States.
It was October 24, 1944, a first quarter moonlit night when the world’s biggest battle ship, the MUSASHI was sunk by the Allied Forces in Sibuyan Sea. The Musashi lies on the seabed in a slanting position with its bow pointing to the bottom of the sea.
There were more than a thousand Japanese soldiers who died in the said naval battle.
Contact Person: Ms. Daisy R. Batac
Provincial Tourism Consultant
Contact Mobile Nos.(0919) 738-6126
(0917) 412-2262
Tanay Hane Festival
Date November 11 to 19
Venue Tanay, Rizal
Description Tanay Hane Festival coincides with the Founding Anniversary of the Municipality of Tanay which is being celebrated from November 11 to 19 every year to showcase the cultural heritage and traditions of the people of Tanay.
The town of Tanay is a Tagalog community yet the word “Hane” is exclusively a Tanayan expression which means “ha”, “diba” or “please” in the English language.
Since every Tanayan conversation is peppered with “hane”, the local government of Tanay unanimously agreed to adopt this expression as the name of the festival.
Contact : Mr. Jeffrey Pino
Tanay Municipal Tourism Office
Telephone No. (02) 404-2296 / (0921) 591-1187
Pandag-Kitab Oriental Mindoro (Provincial Festival)
Date November 14
Venue Main Avenue, Calapan City
Description Pandang-Gitab was coined from Pandanggo (Fandango) and Dagitab which is synonymous
to “light”, adapting basic steps of Pandanggo sa Ilaw (Dance of Lights) which was told to have originated in Lubang, Mindoro Island.
The style of Pandang-Gitab is the traditional “sway-and-balance”, with graceful shallow gyrating of hips and torso, complemented with a side-to-side gentle swing of hands, careful not to drop the candle-on-glass on both palms and on the head of the dancer. Props and other materials are being utilized for added attraction and modifications are allowed but must not affect the fundamental pattern of the dance (pandanggo) itself. The Pandang-Gitab Oriental Mindoro was launched as a street dancing competition and became a much applauded attraction as it was danced in Calapan City’s main avenue.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Oriental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 286-7046 / 441-0306
Itik Festival
Date November 15
Venue Victoria, Laguna
Description A week-long celebration coincided with the foundation day of the Municipality which falls always on every 15th day of November of every year and highlighted by duck floats, duck recipes, series of games of duck activities and duck sayawan (street dancing) wherein the costumes/attire are hasped on the duck materials.
Contact : Office of the Mayor
Victoria, Laguna
Telephone No. (049) 559-0314
Founding Anniversary of Occidental Mindoro
Date November 15
Venue Provincial Capitol
Mamburao, Occidental Mindoro
Description It is an annual celebration and the major activities are exhibition of the provinces’ agricultural, coastal and marine products, street dancing and sports competition, parade of beauties and giving of awards and recognition to achievers or outstanding performers of the Province.
Contact : Provincial Tourism Office
Province of Occidental Mindoro
Telephone No. (043) 711-1816
Feast of San Clemente / Higantes Festival
Date November 22 and 23
Venue Angono, Rizal
Description Angono’s joyous fiesta in honor of San Clemente whose image, resplendent in papal investment, is borne by male devotees during a procession accompanied by parehadoras devotees dressed in colorful local costumes, wooden shoes and carrying boat paddles and higantes, giant paper mache effigies. The street event culminates in fluvial procession at the Laguna de Bay amidst revelry that continues until the image is brought back to i


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