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User Guide

HELP for Site Visitors

- Log on to http://www.visitmyphilippines.com using your favorite browser.

- The frontpage opens with a streaming video and special announcements and features like Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, Best Practices in Tourism, ASEAN Tourism Standards, News and Features, among other items. Navigation menus are found on the left-hand side and top of the homepage.

- The top menu contains links to Home, View All Reions, Register-Free, View Your Account, Contact Us, and Site Map. To view all the regions, please click on View All Regions menu on the top menu. The succeeding page shows the thumbnail photos of 15 regions (e.g. Region CAR Cordillera, Region I Ilocos, Region II Cagayan Valley, Region III Central Luzon, etc.). Click on the region to view. To register as member, click on the Register-Free. Click on Contact Us for messages you want to send to the web administrator.

- The left-hand menu shows the Programme menu (e.g. User's Guide, The Philippines, The Department, Climate Change Alert, Avian Flu Alert, Useful Links, Statistics, Invest Now, Accreditation, e-Library, Photo Archive, Video Archive, e-Library, Laws|Rules|Codes, Maps by HotelTravel, Contact Us, etc.). These links contain most valuable information for tourism-related research work and enhancement of one's professional career.

- The homepage of each region (represented by thumbnail photo) contains the following categories: regional profile, provincial profiles, tourist attractions (cultural, natural, man-made, religious, special interest), festivals and events, tour packages, tourist facilities (hotels, tourist inns, resorts, homestay, travel agencies, air/land/sea transport, rest areas), photo album, news and features, contact us, among other items.

- Click on the desired region (represented by thumbnail photo), then click on the desired category (e.g. regional profile, provincial profile, tourist attractions, etc.) until the information you need is shown. Download function may take time to show depending on your connection speed. Please be patient.

- A special item entitled Accreditation on the left-hand menu contains three items (e.g. Online Application for Original/Renewal of Accreditation, Checklist of Requirements, and Printable Application Forms). Just click on the first category if you wish to send your request for accreditation online (do not forget to select the corresponding regional office where your establishment is located to make sure your request is sent to the right address). The regional office, upon receipt of your online application, will then process your request usually with a reply to conduct an inspection of your establishment. Otherwise click on the second category to view the checklist of documents you will need to submit, or download/print an application form that pertains to the nature of operation of your establishment (e.g. hotel, resort, tourist inn, restaurant, travel and tour agency, or tourism-related, etc.). Fill it up, have it notarized, complete the pertinent documents contained in the checklist or processing guide, and then send them personally or by post to the office address of the regional office concerned, for processing and issuance of your accreditation certificate (upon the conduct of an ocular inspection to determine compliance with tourism standards, of course). Payment of accreditation fees is required prior to issuance of your certificate of accreditation.

- The Statistics menu contains current and past figures and research data on visitor arrivals by country of origin, by year, by nationality and by region as compiled by the department (research and statistics division) including household survey on domestic visitors. Quite useful for professional tourism planners and would-be investors including research-bound students.

- The Photo Archive contains useful images of various tourist attractions for each region, and if you need more photos, click on the desired region (View all Regions menu on top of the frontpage), click on Photo Album to obtain the photos that you need. You may download (right-click the photo and save) and print these photos subject to copyright standards.

- The Video Archive shows a directory of video clips for your viewing pleasure or for audience presentation. Dowloading these video clips may take time to complete depending on your speed of your Internet connection. It is recommended that a high-speed computer with broadband or 3G connection be used to view the videos with ease and comfort. Make sure you have a computer system with at least 512 RAM, otherwise the video play will stop and go (buffering).

- The e-Library contains a compendium or library of useful information like Overview of Tourism, market profile (Korea, Japan, China, etc.), investment module (Omnibus Investment Code), tourism-related training modules (e.g. tour guiding seminar, waitering and bartending), marketing development plan, and risk communication planning strategies, among other items.

- The Laws|Rules|Codes contains a compendium of tourism-related bills, republic acts, executive orders, rules and regulations governing tourism-oriented establishments, etc. which are quite useful for planning, research and decision-making processes.

- The QuickViewSituationers shows the full text of tourism situationers or annual reports of each region-viewed instantly at the click of a mouse. Everything you need to know about each region may be found here - even without browsing the site.

- The Translator may be used in converting the whole or part of the website into a language of your choice (e.g. Korean, Japanese, French, German etc.). Translation process may take time. Just be patient.

-The item Contact Us may be used to send online messages, suggestions or comments to the web administrator or to any of the regional offices. When sending, click the corresponding region you wish to send message to.

- Useful Links contains hot links to relevant government offices (Trade and Industry, Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Investments, Clark Freeport, Subica Bay Freeport, Philippine Tourism Authority, Philippine Convention and Visitors Bureau, etc.), intertnational institutions (World Tourism Organization, PATA, ASEAN, ECPATUSA, Lonely Planet, etc.), and useful applications (Sex-Tourism, OTOP, medical tourism, etc.) suitable for one's professional career and development. Just click on the desired weblink/s to download.

- All information contained herein may be printed - on demand. Or you may copy/paste the same information on your favorite application such as MS Word.

- Visitors may register for free as member of the visitmyphilippines community. Just click on 'Register-FREE' on top menu. You will receive regular feedback and current news from the web administrator.

- A special item called Online Forum has been put in place on the hompage for visitors share their views with the rest of the world by just posting their comments, views and suggestions online. Please feel free to use this application. Registration is free.


HELP for the Regional Web Administrators (for authorized officials' use only)

- Each regional web administrator (specifically designated by the regional director) should secure from the webmaster (contact DOT-Region III) his own security Username and Password before making changes to the website.

- Log on to http://www.visitmyphilippines.com/admin and type in your username and password. Your password is your security pin. Don't give it away!

- You will be shown your own Admin page with the following menu items or categories (e.g. regional profile, provincial profile, tourist attractions, festivals and events, tour packages, tour packages, tourist facilities, useful contacts, statistics, etc.).

- Click on the category you wish to make changes on or edit. Click again until you see the CONTENT of the desired item. Usually, it takes two (2) clicks to see the page content (wait till you see this example: regional profile (0) or tourist attractions (0), emphasis on the zero (0). Just click Edit on the right column of the Admin page to make your changes.

- Here you can make changes or edit in several ways: edit the way you do so on your MS Word like delete, backspace, or typing in your changes; or you can re-write the whole page on your MS Word, then copy/paste the entire page on the Admin page. Use only word processing applications (e.g MS Word) here. Tables and databases are not recognized.

- Please refrain from using apostrophe ( ' ), colon (:), semi-colon (;), dash ( - ) or enye as in Dona as this will result in corrupted text characters like ’s or ño . But if you have to use these, just go back to the page after saving once and retype the character (apostrophe or dash). It will register the correct character when you save.

- Alternatively, you may upload photos or tabled information and databases on the Admin page using the Browse button below the blank page (e.g. MS Excel or MS Access). Just select and double click the file you wish to upload from your disk drive, then click Update at the bottom page. You may not copy/paste tabled information in MS Excel or MS Access here. The program does not recognize tables. You can only upload them using Browse... button.

- For uploading photos, follow the same procedure as above using .jpeg format only. Edit your photos in .jpeg format only (files on .bmp, .tiff, .gif or .pdf format are not acceptable) using MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

- You may also upload video clips using the above procedure but limit the capacity of your file to about 30MB only (edit yout video using .mpeg files to reduce the capacity). Large files are not uploadable.

- If you wish to add a page to the menu, just click the Add button on the top right of your page in the Admin. You will be shown a new page where you can type in your information such as the title of your page. This page is always your front page where you type the title of the page. Don't use this page for your data. Click the title page again and click the Add button for you to type in (or copy/paste from MS Word) the desired information or data.

- Always click on the Update button at the bottom of the Admin page to finally publish your changes on the web. Then log on to http://www.visitmyphilippines.com to view the changes you have made on the Admin page. If the homepage is already open, just click Refresh button on the menu bar of your browser. If you changed your mind, start all over again and follow the same procedure.

- If you are encountering problems, please contact the Web Administrator at mobile no. 0919-427-8351 (Ronnie Tiotuico).


This application has been provided to allow easy access and visual display of information and related data on travel and tourism in the Philippines as well as access to information from other sources or entities relevant to travel. Every reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of information and data provided; nevertheless, some information may not be accurate. The Department of Tourism assumes no responsibility nor liability, either legal or administrative, arising from use of this application.

The information and associated data are provided without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Do not make business decisions based on this data without first validating information with the appropriate offices. The use of public resources or information on this application for personal gain and/or private commercial use is prohibited.

Proprietary Information

Right of ownership over any of the information and images herein is retained by the persons or entities stated herein including all lawful rights and privileges appertaining thereto. Any download or resale of this information is prohibited without expressed permission or authority from the rightful source/s. To assist the Department of Tourism in the maintenance of data, please provide us with information concerning errors or other discrepancies found herein.

Please send your comments to:

The Web Administrator
Ronaldo P. Tiotuico
Regional Director
Department of Tourism - Region III (Central Luzon)
G/F Marlim Mansions Hotel Bldg., MacArthur Hwy., Diamond Subd., Balibago, Angeles City, Philippines
Phone (63 45) 625-8525 / 458-2358
Mobile: (+63) (0) 939-904-5231(Smart) or (+63) (0) 917-506-2221 (Globe)
RD Tiotuico mobile: 0929-864-7485
Email [email protected]

Awards Received: : PATA Gold Intl Award 2001, Kalakbay Natl Award 2001, ASEANTA Intl Award 2002 (for Best Ecotourism Project)
Website www.visitmyphilippines.com
Mobile: (+63) (0) 918-946-4586 / (+63) (0) 917-500-8351


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