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General Guidelines

The Pearl Award: ATOP-DOT Best Tourism Practices of the Philippines Awards


Recognition of exceptional practices, projects and innovations must be a vital part of a fast growing and dynamic organization such as the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines, Inc.

Recognizing men and women behind this great contribution in our community and the tourism industry sends a strong message to all of us that creative works and exceptional services and its cause are not going to be ignored or taken for granted but instead it should be noticed and recognized and will be publicized to provide visibility and recognition as rewards for such noble deeds.

In partnership with the Department of Tourism, the Best Tourism Practices Awards was born in 2005 when it was launched during the 6th ATOP National Convention held in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental to institutionalize the annual system of recognition. With hope that this award will celebrate the best in the tourism industry that each one of us is collectively doing and contributing to the society at large, this shall be an award-giving-body which honors the great efforts made by the people in the tourism industry, most especially the Local Government Units.


1. The nominations for all the awards are open to all Local Government Units only.

2. The following are the five (5) Major Award Categories:

a) Best Tourism Event:

• This category is divided further into two (2) sub-categories, namely: 1) Festivals; and 2) Adventure/Sports/Wellness Tourism.

• In each category there will be three (3) levels; Provincial, City and Municipal Levels.

b) Best Tourism-Oriented LGU:

• The period of coverage for the evaluation shall be from January to December 2013.
• There will be three (3) levels in this category, namely; Provincial, City and Municipal Levels.

c) Best Tourism Month/Week Celebration:

• The nominated Tourism Month / Week event must be held in the year 2013
• There will be three (3) levels in this category, namely; Provincial, City and Municipal Levels.

d) Most Outstanding Tourism Officer:

• Qualifications: He / She should be duly appointed as Tourism Officer with the proper plantilla position for at least 3 years. He/She should be properly endorsed by the local chief executive (LCE); and should present an authenticated appointment paper.
• All ATOP Officers and Regional Representatives of the current award year are not eligible for nomination for this award.
• There will be three (3) levels in this category, namely; Provincial, City and Municipal Levels.

e) Most Outstanding Tourism Officers Club/Organization/Association:

• This award is open to provincial level only.

3. The award year covers the Calendar Year 2013 (from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013).

4. For continuing programs and projects, a major portion of the activity should have taken place during this period.

5. The nominee must sign the nomination form attesting to all facts contained therein, giving consent to the verification by the screening committee and judges, the subsequent publication of said facts, and indicating willingness to attend the awards ceremonies if selected.

6. The scrapbook / bid book is the method by which documentary and supporting evidence of the project, program activity, or individual/group’s achievements are presented to the judges. Supporting materials may include photos, newspaper articles, brochures, etc. There should be no discrepancies between the information in the nomination forms and the scrapbook / bid book.

7. Found in the Annexes are basic information of the event that should be included in the scrapbook / bid book, together with the filled out bid form.

8. All Nominees must submit 1 hardbound or bounded copy of the scrapbook / bid book; size 8” x 11” white bond paper.

9. The cover should contain the following: Title, Date of Implementation and Venue.

10. The scrapbook/bid book should be accompanied by a 3-5 minutes audio-visual presentation specific for the award category. The LGUs general promotional presentation is not acceptable.

11. All entries of the scrapbook / bid book /nomination form will be in English. All entries shall be in writing and are compiled in a CD using the prescribed entry/nomination form.

12. All scrapbook / bid-books will be automatically the property of ATOP.

13. Deadline for the submission of entry shall be @ 5:00 PM on August 30, 2014. Entry may be mailed or hand carried to the Regional Office of the Department of Tourism (DOT) Iloilo City, addressed to the :

Pearl Awards Secretariat
c/o Atty. Helen J. Catalbas
Regional Director
Department of Tourism-Region 6
Capitol Grounds, Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City
Tel. Nos.: (+63 33) 337-5411/509-3550 Telefax: (+63 33) 335-0245
Email: [email protected]

14. There will be two screening processes to determine the 2014 winners in every category and levels:

• September 1-10, 2014- Verification, recommendation and preliminary judging.

All nominated individuals, projects, and/or events shall be endorsed by the concerned DOT Regional Offices to the Panel of Experts, duly convened by ATOP, and who shall shortlist the nominations and come up with a list of finalists in each category and level.

All finalists will be informed through the email address/ mobile and landline numbers that they have provided in their respective scrapbook/bid-book.

• September 11-13, 2014- Final review of the documents and Final Judging.
All finalists in all categories and levels are required to submit themselves to a one-on-one interview with each of the members of the National Panel of Jurors that is organized to review the merits of the recommendations of the Panel of Experts.

For the Best Oriented LGU, the nominees shall be interviewed en banc by all members of the National Panel of Jurors.

The National Panel of Jurors, after a thorough evaluation and deliberation enbanc, and in accordance to the set criteria, shall declare the final recipients of the 2014 Pearl Awards.

15. All finalists are expected to attend the Awarding Ceremony on October 4, 2014, to be held in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

16. Single nominee or entry in any category and or level will be automatically given a special citation award.

17. All data and information submitted to ATOP Best Tourism Practices Awards Secretariat at the DOT Regional Offices shall be treated with confidentiality.

18. The decision of the judges shall be final and un-appealable.

19. Any announcement/media releases on the awards should properly categorize the exact details of the award received.

20. All winning entries in any of the categories and levels should duly acknowledge the ATOP as official award giving body in any printed collaterals/media releases and announcements. Any violation thereof shall disqualify the LGU from participating in the subsequent Best Tourism Practices Awards.

21. Winners of three consecutive award years of the same category shall no longer be eligible to participate in the succeeding competition – instead, it shall be elevated to the Hall of Fame Award.

22. Nomination forms can be acquired from ATOP regional representatives or from the ATOP Officers of the current year and from the Regional Offices of the DOT.

Committee on Awards
15th ATOP National Convention
Fax No: (033) 3363439
Mobile No: 09088954702
Email address: [email protected]
Annex 1.B: Guidelines for the Content of the Bid-book / scrap book for BEST TOURISM EVENT

Annex 2.B Guidelines for the Content of the scrapbook for BEST TOURISM MONTH / WEEK CELEBRATION

Annex 3.B Guidelines for the Content of the scrapbook for BEST TOURISM-ORIENTED LGU
Annex 3.C Schematic Diagram on Shared Tourism Governance




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