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The Province

The earliest settlers of this province already called their thriving communities Pampanga, after the river (that the Spanish colonizers only later named as the Rio Grande de la Pampanga) on the banks (pampang literally means “river bank”) of which the first Kapampangans (pioneering Malays and Indonesians) established and nurtured their way of life, industry, government— in short, civilization. During the Spanish regime Pampanga was already considered as one of the richest Philippine provinces. Even Manila and surrounding regions were then very much dependent on Pampanga’s agricultural, fishery, and forestry products as well as on the supply of skilled workers and breed of courageous, intelligent, spiritual, and artistic nation builders. Up to this day, Pampanga—the place, its people, and their passions—continue to make an indelible mark on the country’s unfolding social, cultural, and economic tapestry.

Pampanga is best known for its cuisine— a rich blending of many racial influences (Malay, Chinese, Spanish) adapted to indigenous resources of land and water— and for the culinary expertise that its people proudly exhibit, earning for the province the appellation, “The Culinary Center of the Philippines.” No other people in this country are so palatably profuse in serving the fruits of their labor in celebration of not only the positive events in their lives (such as marriages, births, reunions, good harvests, and victories) but even life-challenging episodes (to honor the dead or to recall the lessons of defeat or calamity).

The religiosity of the Kapampangan is a feat to match. Town churches still retain much of their original magnificence because of the people’s dedication to preserve these over the centuries or rebuild them from the ravages of wars or natural catastrophes. The expression of faith in the province peaks in surreal proportions during the lenten season— when streets teem with flagellants, barangays are filled with the strains of the puni (venue of the pabasa, the singing or chanting of the Biblical passion of Christ), and the capital City of San Fernando is thronged by devotees and tourists to witness the annual re-enactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Kapampangans’ innate good nature, patience, and fine sensibilities easily show in their crafts and trade. A lot of skill and soul goes into the execution and completion of the giant Christmas lanterns of the capital City of San Fernando, the potteries and jars of Sto. Tomas, the knives and bolos of Apalit, the wood carvings and furniture of Betis, the rattan-woven products of Angeles City, the religious sculptures of Macabebe, and so on.

Because of its fertile land, Pampanga produces the best and biggest yield of rice, corn, sugar cane, vegetables, and fruit crops in these parts. While its waters (creeks, swamps, springs, fishponds) are a prolific source of tilapia, milkfish, mudfish, and prawn. Complementing such bounty are its vast natural resources (forestlands and clay, sand, and gravel deposits), from which are drawn ideal raw materials for most of the province’s and the country’s vital building and infrastructure needs.

While the picturesque landscape and clean environment attract local and foreign vacationers and tourists year-round to the province’s many nature and recreation parks, such as the Arayat National Park and its picnic and swimming facilities, the Candaba swamps for migratory birdwatching, the rugged natural terrains of Porac, and the breathtaking hotspring scenery in Sapangbato, Angeles City.

This is not to say, though, that Pampanga is not without modern recreational amenities, for it houses a booming night life and cosmopolitan haunts like world-class hotels, resorts, casinos, duty free shopping, and golf courses.

Finally, blessed with a strategic location right at the heart of growing markets in the Asia Pacific-Region—a given advantage in today’s global trade and industrialization— Pampanga is up to the challenge of becoming one of the centers of industrial and economic activities in the Philippines. With the presence of an educated, skilled and highly trainable English speaking manpower at competitive rates, excellent infrastructure support, peaceful environment, and a development growth propelled by the strong performance of traditional manufacturing sectors of furniture, ceramics, garments, and handicrafts in the export market, the province is without a doubt a viable investment and business area.



Pampanga is strategically located right at the heart of Central Luzon and the Asia Pacific Region. It is only 60 kilometers away from Metro Manila, the country’s capital and about 3-4 hours away by air to major Asian cities like Singapore, Hongkong , Taiwan and Bangkok .

Pampanga’s current development is being propelled by its thriving base of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) which demonstrate the innate ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Kapampangans with products that have already carved a niche in the global market. These SMEs are mostly involved in the manufacture and export of furniture and furnishings, ceramics, garments, gifts and holiday decors. Pampanga has also made its mark in the food sector specifically the processed meat products - tocino, longganisa, hotdog and ham; and sweets and delicacies – pastillas, marzipan, turrones de casoy, pulvoron and tabang talangka. Likewise, a growing amount of investments continue to pour in the province’s economic zones and industrial estates led by the Clark Freeport Zone.

Aside from having a strong and robust MSME sector, Pampanga is also being promoted as one of the key investment destinations in the country. Capitalizing on its strategic location and excellent infrastructure facilities which include the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and the Subic-Clark Tarlac Expressway, it is being positioned as a logistics and ICT hub, with the Clark Freeport Zone as anchor.


Significant interventions to hasten the growth of MSMEs in Pampanga had been put in place over the past years. One of these is the Provincial Branding Program known as “Vida Pampanga, Sharing the Best”. A provincial seal of quality and excellence aimed at making a provincial/ product distinction in both local and export market has been developed through this branding program. The MSMEs passing the accreditation standard set by the province’s Brand Development Technical Working Group adopt the quality seal. This branding program started with the food sector and is now being expanded to cover the non-food sector as well.


Another flagship project of DTI is the One Town One Product Program (OTOP) where the traditional lantern or parol of the City of San Fernando serves as the model OTOP of the province. Other products identified under OTOP include wood based products of Guagua, ceramics of Sto. Tomas, crab paste of Masantol, religious icons of Macabebe, Kapampangan Cuisine of Angeles City , eco-tourism of Candaba, metalcraft of Apalit, cassava of Porac, gabi/taro leaves of Bacolor, processed meat of Mabalacat, sweets and delicacies of Sta Rita, nursery furniture of Lubao, sweet tamarind of Magalang, basil of Floridablanca, eggs of Minalin, marine products of Sasmuan, seagrass of San Simon and San Luis and corn of Arayat, Mexico and Sta Ana . OTOP is a convergence of the development efforts and assistance of the local government units, national government agencies and the MSME sector.

Contact Person I Francis Meneses III
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I #0529 Villa Elisa Subd., San Agustin, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 900.2284
Products I Brownies

Contact Person I Carlo O. Hizon
Position I Owner
Address I Plaza Burgos, Guagua, Pampanga
Phone I 0933.280.6960
Products I Pandesal Especials, Cheeserolls, Sampaguita Cookies, Masapodrida Cookies, San Nicolas, Turturias, Evaerlasting, Eggpie, Taisan, Loaf breads and Buns.

Contact Person I Sharon Yanga
Position I Marketing Staff
Address I Villa Carmela, San Agustin, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 463.1800 / 900.0111
Products I Tocino, Longganisa, Hotdog, Ham, Hamburger Patties, Embutido, Corned Beef

Contact Person I Francis Carreon
Position I Manager
Address I #472 San Nicolas I, Magalang, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 343.4492
Email I [email protected]

Products I Polvoron, Tarts, Yemas, Barquiron, Lengua de Gatoand other pastries

Contact Person I Crispin E. Tungol
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I Zone I San Nicolas, Arayat, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 885.1716 / 0922.806.6539
Email I [email protected]
Products I Furniture, Tray Sets, Dish Rack, Book Stand, Magazine Rack, Chairs

Contact Person I Concepcion Y. Lacson
Position I Owner
Address I Dahlia St., Cer Hil Subd., City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone I 09154475732
Products I Felt cloth accessories, handicrafts

Contact Person I Marissa G. Rivera
Position I Marketing Head
Address I # 7 Del Rosario Rd., Lourdes Heights Subd., Del Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 861.2984
Email I [email protected]

Products I Home Décor, Native/Filipiniana Products, Religious Products

Contact Person I Edelyn S. Canero
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I #620 Purok 6 Sta. Rita, Minalin, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 878.0250 / 0917-554-3713
Email I [email protected]
Products I Dry Roasted Casoy Nuts, Special Garlic Chips, Greaseless Peanuts

Contact Person I Elenita T. Ramirez
Address I #413A Doña Asuncion Subd., San Juan, Apalit, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 302.8522 / 302.9268
Email I [email protected]

Products I Mirrors, Frames, Jewelry Box, Sconce, Lamps, Table,
Side Table, Console Table, Silver Plated Mirrors
and Picture Frames

Contact Person I Gretchen Suing
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I San Pedro 1, Magalang Karzones, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 866.0063
Email I [email protected]
Products I Delicacies – Pastries & Brownies

Contact Person I Lisa S. Granda
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I Cabambangan, Bacolor, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 436.0737 / 0908.888.0821
Email I [email protected]
Products I Sansrival

Contact Person I Jerry Sagum Taruc
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I #353 San Juan, San Luis ARC, Pampanga
Phone I 0906.906.9955 / 0905.806.2011
Email I [email protected]
Products I Essential Herbal Oils, Herbal Tea

Contact Person I Myra M. Bustillo
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I #400 San Miguel, Mexico, Pampanga
Phone I 0929.194.8810
Email I [email protected]

Website I johnmicochicharones.weebly.com
Products I chicharon

Contact Person I Randy Formentera
Position I Owner
Address I Guagua, Pampanga
Phone I 0923.556.2388
Products I Guitars

Contact Person I Mary Grace Pecson
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I San Juan Nepomuceno, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga
Phone I 0917.814.5004/(045)900.4580
Email I [email protected]
Products I Wood Products, Furniture

Contact Person I Leonardo L. Sunga
Position I General Manager
Address I #193 Colgante, Apalit, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 302.6125 / 302.6234 / 899.1683 / 0915.119.0903
Email I [email protected]

Products I Home Décor

Contact Person I Catherine Mallari
Position I Owner
Address I Concepcion, Lubao, Pampanga
Phone I 0939.937.5289
Products I Nursery Furniture, Cribs and beds

Contact Person I Mavie Marquez-Eribal
Position I Advertising & Promotions Manager
Address I Balubad, Porac, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 458.0000 loc 242 /458.0000 loc 5899(fax)
Email I [email protected]

Products I Picnic Hotdog, Picnic Cheezy Hotdog,
Tocino, Longganisa, Ham, Bacon

Contact Person I Florencia Bala
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I Mexico, PAmpanga
Phone I 0943.262.3344 / 0926.688.0579
Email I [email protected]
Products I Handicrafts

Contact Person I Gil M. Navarro
Position I President
Address I #278 Panducena St., Masantol, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 981.2138 /981.1933
Email I [email protected]

Website I www.navarrofoods.orgtres.com
Products I Crab Paste, Fermented Fish/Shrimp, Pickled Papaya, Shrimp Paste

Contact Person I Nerimar Vitug
Position I Owner
Address I Blk 125 Lot 31 Bulaon Resettlement, CSFP
Phone I (045)963.4244/860.4861
Email I [email protected]

Products I Espesyal Uraro, Greaseless Peanuts, Turrones de Kasoy, Sansrival, Tars, Cashew Nuts

Contact Person I Sonia Lapuz
Position I Owner
Address I Mangga, Cacutud, Arayat
Phone I 0939.901.9416
Products I Soy products

Contact Person I Rufina Serrano
Position I Owner
Address I Palat, Porac, Pampanga
Phone I 0923.468.3281
Products I Arrow Root Cookies

Contact Person I Angie Hizon
Position I Marketing Manager
Address I Dela Paz Norte, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 636.4280 to 4283 loc. 227
Email I [email protected]

Website I www.pampangasbest.com.ph

Products I Tocino, Hotdog, Longganisa, Ham, Bacon,
Pork Bbq, Bacon, Sweet Ham, Embotido,
Chorizo, Chicken Nuggets

Contact Person I Lovely Elaine M. Pecson
Position I Sales & Marketing Officer
Address I #7029 Legaspi St., Farmersville, Duquit
Sapang Maisac, Mabalacat, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 322.3133 / 322.3129 / (0917) 801.1698
Email I [email protected]
Products I Processed Meat (Hotdogs, Tocino, Ham,
Bacon, Longganisa & Corned Beef)

Contact Person I Renita A. Quiambao
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I #1142 11th Ave., Unisite Subd., Del Pilar
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 963.1710 / 0922.821.6959
Email I [email protected]

Products I Lanterns

Contact Person I Riclina P. Ocampo
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I St. Peter St., St. Francis Village
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 961.6130 / 0920.969.6264
Email I [email protected]

Products I Peanuts with Garlic Chips, Cashew Nuts with Garlic Chips, Garlic Chips, Garlic Bits,
Crushed Fresh Garlic, Assorted Coated Peanuts

Contact Person I Anastacio E. Nabong
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I Purok #5 Tabuyoc, Apalit, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 302.5385 /(0922) 694.9194
Email I [email protected]
Products I Interior Decors

Contact Person I Daisy M. Flores
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I 19 Macabakle, Dolores, City of San Fernando
Phone I 0929.228.0350 / 045.435.0477
Nature of Business I Manufacturer
Legal Status I Single Proprietorship
Product/s I Lanterns

Contact Person I Anastacio E. Nabong
Position I Owner/Manager
Address I Purok #5 Tabuyoc, Apalit, Pampanga
Phone I (045) 302.5385 /(0922) 694.9194
Email I [email protected]
Products I Interior Decors

Contact Person I Willie Dungao
Position I Owner
Address I Tita’s Special Compound, Gemsville, Dolores, CSFP
Phone I (045)961.7072/961.7553/961.7071
Email I [email protected]
Products I Tocino, Longganisa, Ham, Bacon, Chicharon



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