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Sandugo Festival (Tagbilaran City) - Whole month of July

Bohol’s annual commemoration of the Blood Compact between Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The Sandugo street dancing & mardi gras highlights the Sandugo festivities.These dances shall depict the theme of “friendship among equals and international diplomacy” expressed in the participating group’s traditional culture.

Sinu-og Estokada Festival (Municipality of Jagna) -29th of September

‘Sinu-og Estokada’ portrays the victory of the Christian militia over the marauding pirates and likewise depicts the celestial conflict of good and evil. Estokada means fencing or fighting with bladed instruments. The fencing movements were modified to keep in time with a regular beat. The street dancing participants are costumed either as good or rebellious angels.

Katigbawan Festival(Catigbian, Bohol) June 15 - 17

Katigbawan, coined after Katigbi, Tigbaw and Kabawan is a festival of culture and tradition conceived by the town leadership as tool for promotions in tourism, ecology, agriculture, folk beliefs and natural environment.

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