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Roxas City


Roxas City is the site of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi's settlement when he arrived from Cebu. The settlement was accepted as a "visita" of the town of Panay. The settlement was originally named "El Puerto de Capiz". According to a 1732 census, there were 327 inhabitants. In 1746, Capiz was made the seat of the military government, although it was still theocratically controlled by the Bishopric of Cebu. According to a 1760 census, there were 17,683 inhabitants. On May 31, 1847, a Royal Decree turned the province into an alcadia.

Roxas City was once known as the "Municipality of Capiz" and it became a city on May 12, 1951 with the issuance of the city charter, Republic Act No. 603. Lorenzo Arnaldo was its first mayor. This city was named Roxas City in honor of President Manuel Roxas.

According to a 1990 census, there were 103,171 inhabitants.

Roxas City is a 2nd class city in the province of Capiz, Philippines. It is the capital city of Capiz.

It is a center for copra and aquaculture production. The surrounding area grows sugarcane, rice, coconuts, fruit, hemp, and tobacco. The people of Roxas City and the rest of Capiz speak Hiligaynon.

According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 126,352 people in 25,126 households.

Capiz is one the five provinces of Panay Island, Western Visayas. Located 375 miles southwest of Manila, 136 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City and 86 kilometers east of Kalibo, Aklan, once a part of the early Malay settlement known as Aklan. It is composed of 16 municipalities, 1 chartered city (Roxas City) and 472 barangays. Its capital, Roxas City is the seat of the provincial and city governments and center of trade. Capiz' topography varies from rolling lands and hills to mountain peaks and ranges. The province has the 3rd type of climate, seasonal changes are not pronounced. It is relatively dry from November to April and wet from May to October. The economy is basically agricultural with palay, corn, coconut, vegetables and sugarcane as principal crops. The rest of the cultivated areas are devoted to fishponds, livestock and other minor crops. It has mineral and non-metallic deposits like zinc, aluminum, gold, iron, purite and copper. Culasi, Roxas City is served by 2 shipping lines. Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific also service the province through the Roxas City airport.


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