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Any plans of trying your hands in opening a tours and travel agency business? Here is good news for you. We have a book that will teach you the mechanics of doing business in tourism - that of moving people from their point of origin to some places of interest. Yes, it's available at P750 only and it comes with a workbook for teachers who'd want their students to do actual tests. The author is well-known industry practitioner and tourism professor, Bien Claravall published by equally famous Paul Lim So.

A useful publication on the listings and descriptions of major tourist sites and destinations around the country by region. The author is well-known industry practitioner and DOT - accredited lecturer on travel-related subjects, Paul Lim So. It's available at P750 each. Call DOT office at Marlim Mansions Hotel, Balibago, Angeles City, Phone (045) 625-8525 for your orders.


Operating and Managing a Hotel & Restaurant Business.
Revised Edition 2007
by Amelia S. Roldan
Price: P550.00

This is a comprehensive book that reveals the secrets of running an efficient & profitable hotel, resort, canteen, restaurant/catering business. It contains practical techniques, principles, control tools and policies, forms and other information that are truly helpful to every operator who wants to generate a good return of his investment.

Illustrations and materials reflect actual industry practice among very successful hotels and food outlets, enriched by the author’s insights as a hotelier and consultant for several hotels and food chain.

The book provides principles and techniques of rational, cost-efficient management applied to the hospitality industry, with detailed text on the mechanics of forecasting, budgeting, sales analysis, menu planning, costing and pricing, leadership and motivation, monitoring and inspection, performance management, cost control, cash control and tips on how to start a hospitality business including pre-operating requirements, licensing and accreditation, marketing strategies, etc.

Food Service & Bartending.
by Amelia S. Roldan and Benito T. Edica
Price: P420.00

Provides detailed procedures and standards of professional food & beverage service in a restaurant, bar, room service, banquets and catering. The topics include: Restaurant Organization and layout, tools and equipment needed for service and their proper usage, mis-en-place preparation and table set up, table service procedures, ordering and clearing of tables, wine and beverage service, bar set up and service, recipes for mixed drinks, control and inventory of stocks, customer relations and menu and beverage merchandising.

Housekeeping Management.
by Amelia S Roldan and Amelia M. Crespo
Price: P350.00

Provides detailed instructions and guidelines for efficient and quality housekeeping. Covers lessons on Housekeeping organization, cleaning tools and their proper usage, cleaning and sanitizing procedures and standards, floor cleaning, care and maintenance, refuse management, rooms maintenance and room make up, bathroom cleaning, pest control, linen and laundry service, safety and security measures. The last chapter focuses on housekeeping management and touches on budget preparation, stocks control and inventory, monitoring and documentation.

Front Office Procedures and Guest Relations 2007.
by Amelia S. Roldan
Price: P320.00

Guide for frontliners engaged in front office operations. It covers detailed procedures on room sales and taking reservations, registration of guests, front office cashiering, bell service, guest relations assistance, information, luggage and message handling, telephone exchange operations and guest relations.

On Becoming a Winner - Workbook on Personality Development & Character Building & Values Formation
by Amelia S. Roldan
Price: P400.00

Book designed to help individuals discover an ideal personality to emulate, compare themselves to the ideal through diagnostic exercises and reflection guide, look into their own personality handicaps and overcome them through therapeutic exercises contained in the book. It uses a experiential approach to formation, making the journey to self empowerment a dynamic and meaningful experience. It covers lessons on the dynamics of personality change and character building, building self esteem and self confidence, becoming win-win and a pro-active adult, projecting a positive social image, aligning one’ hierarchy of values, developing self discipline and finding meaning and direction in life.

Cost & Materials Management.
by Amelia S. Roldan
New edition 2007
Price: P400

A book that contains the secrets for sustaining viability and profitability in a food business, using the basic principles and tools of operations control. It provides control tools, measures and procedures for all phases of food service operations, from budget preparation, menu planning, ordering, purchasing, warehouse operations, production, sales and service. Also exhaustively touches on cash management, income audit, documentation of financial transactions, preparation of reports, variance analysis, sales forecasting, break-even analysis and other related matters. The book also contains workshop problems and worksheets for skills practice.

Introduction to Culinary Operations
Handbook on the Basics of International Cuisine.
By Chef Dick Reyes & Amy S. Roldan
Price: P320.00

Covers lessons on the basics of culinary operations including kitchen organization, manning and work distribution, kitchen layout, kitchen equipment and supplies and their proper usage, kitchen safety and sanitation management, basic cooking methods, mis-en-place preparation, preparing ingredients, cuts of vegetables, butchering of meat & seafoods, basic sauces & stocks, stewarding operations, platter presentation, fruit and vegetable carving, hers and spices for cooking.

Note: prices of books may change with or without prior notice. Subject to availability of materials.

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