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Zambales Delicacies


Consistent with the rest of the Philippines, the Province of Zambales thrives on the more basic satisfiers of the good life --- FOOD! Accompanying the province’s glorious attractions and destinations is a range of homegrown delicacies whipped up by the changes and transformation experienced by the culture of the people in the province.
The next time you set foot in the province, make sure to make a mental list of the following treats to indulge in a surely unforgettable tongue tasting experience.

San Felipe - Bagnet

This is Zambales’ answer to Ilocos’ Pork Chicharon. Meticulously prepared by the locals of San Felipe, this Zambales version of chicharon is crispy and too delicious to describe. Matched perfectly with a bowl of chili and vinegar, a bowl of hot steaming rice and local pinakbet, this dish will truly give one a taste of bliss. Bagnet is available at the San Felipe Public Market, best bought from 8 till 10 in the morning everyday.

Ginipang of Sta. Cruz

Ginipa is a native delicacy of the northernmost town of Zambales, made of conspicuously dried rice grains flavored with a uniquely sweet concoction to taste. With its prices pegged affordably, this is a favorite pasalubong treat of visiting tourists.


A lot of places in the Philippines claim to produce the best pastilles in the country but wait till you get a taste of the carabao milk pastilles from the municipalities of Iba and Palauig. Produced by small households, Zambales pastilles are made from fresh carabao milk and delicately processed by womensfolk, wrapped in clean white Japanese paper and sealed in simple perfection. Once you have taken a bite of the Zambales pastille, you will realize that this is THE pastilles that you have been looking for all along.

Botolan - Linga

Popular dubbed by locals as linga, this is actually sesame candies. Zambales is one the very few producers of sesame seeds and Zambalenos in Botolan have created their own adaptation of sesame seeds at its ideal sweetest. Linga is always nutritiously preferred over regular sweet candies.

Zambales Mangoes

Perhaps the most famous delight of Zambales is its sweet, sumptuous mangoes! Known for its incomparable sweetness and its taste beyond words, the DInamulag variety is the most popular among Zambales mango varieties. Having the provincial festival named after the Dinamulag variety, Zambales mangoes are one of the thousand reasons why people keep coming back to the province. Aside from bringing home a bagful of mangoes, Zambales mangoes are also transformed into delectable desserts, intriguing cocktail drinks and fresh mango thirst quenchers.


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