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Tourist Attractions

ILIGAN CITY HALL – situated on top of Buhanginan Hill, 130 feet above sea level, is the seat of Government of Iligan, built way back 1956. It is also a favorite promontory of Iliganons for viewing the sunset or sky line of the city by night.

ANAHAW OPEN AMPHITHEATER – Located at the Buhanginan hill in the southeastern side of city hall. It is only 2.3 kilometers away from the city proper. Probably the biggest amphitheater in Mindanao. A beautiful site to view Iligan City, where children can romp around the playground. The road going to the top of the hill is a challenge and favorite destination for early – morning exercise.

NATIONAL STEEL GUESTHOUSE – Rising 200 feet above sea level, 5 kilometers away from the city proper. The site commands a generous view of Iligan City, which provides a glimpse of Maranao influence, set in a beautiful landscape. It has also a swimming pool, gymnasium and pelota court.

MARIA CRISTINA FALLS – Iligan’s greatest heritage, the landmark of Iligan City. The most resplendent among the 20 waterfalls. Also known as the “Mother of Industry” and “Fountainhead of Progress”. It is 320 feet high and the veritable source of industrial power in the city; 9.3 kilometers away from the city proper.

TIMOGA COLD SPRINGS – known for its pristine, cool and crystal clear waters freely flowing downstream towards several swimming pools. Sheds, snack bars, cottages and lechon (roasted pig) stalls are available.
MIMBALUT FALLS – a not so high and mighty falls with a drop of approximate by 90 feet high and is 18 ft. wide, but very alluring with its naturally limpid water. It is a site to behold and provides an enjoyable swimming spot, 11.0 kilometers away from the city proper.

LIMUNSUDAN FALLS – 55 kilometers away from the city proper. It has the claim of being the Country’s highest waterfalls. It is a beautiful two tiered falls, the lower cascade alone is higher than the 320 feet of Maria Cristina Falls. It has a total height of 870 feet. It is close to the eastern boundaries of Iligan, Bukidnon and Lanao Sur.

TINAGO FALLS – literally hidden in a deep ravine, the falls cascading beautifully into a basin-like pool, clean, and deep and icy cold. It has an elevation of approximately 420 feet. It is 13.8 kilometers away from the city proper.


a. Bridal Veil Falls - Barangay Maria Cristina
b. Malinao Falls - Barangay Kabacsanan
c. Pindarangonan Falls - Barangay Rogongon
d. Kabalang Falls - Barangay Rogongon
e. Gata Falls - Barangay Rogongon
f. Kamadahan Falls - Barangay Rogongon
g. Abaga Falls - Barangay Suarez
h. Langinlanon Falls - Barangay Puga-an
i. Linanot Falls - Barangay Bunawan
g. Hindang Falls - Barangay Hindang
k. Malaigang Falls - Barangay Mainit
l. Malapacan Falls - Barangay Mainit
m. Kalisoan Falls - Barangay Mainit
n. Guimbalolan Falls - Barangay Rogongon
o. Dalipuga Falls - Barangay Dalipuga
p. Rogongon Falls - Barangay Rogongon
q. Languyon Falls -Barangay Puga-an

DODIONGAN FALLS – 65.60 feet high, cascading down to a concrete-like boulder. Its tranquil, cool waters and lush vegetation make it a real haven for nature lovers. The pool at the foot of the falls is very ideal for swimming, 14.5 kilometers away from the city proper.

MAZE PARK RESORT – a perfect place for nature lovers who appreciate the beauty of solemnity. 11 kilometers away from the city proper, with an Olympic sized swimming pool, cottages, function hall, restaurant and botanical park for birds and animals.

REGS RESORT – Situated near the Snowland by the Sea; has cottages, function halls for conferences, meetings and other gatherings as well as lodging for guests.

CHELINA BEACH RESORT – has two (2) swimming pools (for children and adult, umbrella type cottage and restaurant; ideal also for parties and conferences.

MOUNT AGAD-AGAD – approximately 1,600 feet high above sea level, considered as the highest mountain in Iligan City; safe for trekking and mountain climbing. 5.5 kilometers away from the city proper.

NATIONAL POWER COMPLEX – The site of Agus VI hydroelectric plant, the spillway of Agus VI and VII. Its (multi-million pesos) Regional Center, Staff Houses for executives and the employees housing compound are also situated within complex amidst lush gardens. Prior arrangement with NPC officials must be made before visitors are allowed to enter.


Location: Ditucalan, Maria Cristina
10 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

Identified with power generation, site of the Mindanao Region Center, housing compound of the executive and rank and file, and Agus IV, VI and VII Hydroelectric plants.

Langka – Balo – i
18 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

The first underground hydroelectric plant in Mindanao and the third in the Philippines located 120 meters below ground surface. The plant is said to be sufficient to light a city more than 12 times the size of Iligan or to run 20 cement factories.

Barangay Maria Cristina
9.3 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

The Maria Cristina Falls, plunging 320 feet downward is the main source of the city’s power needs. It was harnessed by NPC by establishing the Maria Christina Hydroelectric Plant or Agus VI in 1950. it has a 200 MW potential capacity which is the veritable source of industrial lines in the city.

Barangay Maria Christina
8 kilometers from the city

Physical Features:

The last among the seven sites located along the Agus river harnessed by the National Power Corporation for power generation. It has been a 54 MW potential capacity.

Location: Barangay Suarez
6.5 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

One of the largest steel manufacturers in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Located in a 140 hectares area and extends almost about one kilometer vertically. NSC was established in 1962. At present, it has four main operating mills, Hot Mill, Billet Plant and the Thinning Line. Its products are: billet, round and square steel, flat steel like hot and cold rolled coils and hot rolled plates. NSC has manpower of more than 3,800.

Location: Assumption Heights
9.5 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

Located on a hill top, the company, founded in 1935 by the late Judge Guillermo B. Guevarra, originally as a family enterprise known as Mabuhay Rubber Shoe Factory (in Manila). Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation in its present location was constructed in 1964 and was set on stream in 1965. The Vinyl plant is engaged in the production of liquid chlorine, polyvinyl chlorine (PVC), caustic soda and hydrochloric acid used in the manufacture of various industrial product like soap, textile, insecticides, lubricant, explosives, polyesters, shoes etc. MVC has a small park rimming a man made lagoon bursting with color and life.

Location: Barangay Kiwalan
9.0 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

Granex was founded in 1954 bearing the name GRANEX Phils. Then manned only by three personnel, it was involved in the study of copra business feasibility and the coconut industry as a whole. In 1953, it began in copra buying and exporting. In 1966, the management changed its firm name to Grand Export. It was able to put up around 20 copra buying stations in the Philippines, which were brought to Kiwalan, for milling. The products are mainly exported to the USA, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.

Granex produces crude coconut oil and pellet. When the copra supply was abundant the company decided to expand the crushing of Iligan Coconut Oil Mill from 500 to 1,000 MT in 1979 which made Granex Manufacturing the Biggest Coconut Mill in the world.

Location: Barangay Kiwalan
9.0 kilometers away from the city proper

Physical Features:

Pillsbury is primarily engaged in the manufacture of wheat, flour and its related products like wheat germ (active). Aboitiz and company which originally thought of venturing into the flour milling business was the original incorporator, later joined by the Soriano group of Companies and finally the Pillsbury of Minnesota.

The dainty structure that stands six stories high attractively poses on a wide lawn guided by ball-shaped agoho sentinels surrounding the complex. The main structure close to the sea has port facilities that makes the Kinawan cove nostalgic for foreign vessel berthed in the cove.

Location: Bo. Mapalad, Dalipuga
12.5 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

RCP is owned by the National Development Company, Alcantara and Sons, Toy Menka Kaisha Co., and Mino Yogyo. The one and largest and oldest refractory. RCP refractory products: Burned bricks, monolithic refractory, basic refractory bricks.

Established in 1977 to manufacture basic refractory, materials that are now vital to many industries. RCP has it own research and development facilities and is in constant conference with foreign consultants to continuously improve or develop refractory products so that its customers can be served better.

Recently, RCP expanded to embrace the production of ceramic raw materials used for ceramic products. Sprawling on a hill which is a stone’s throw away from the beckoning beach of Mapalad, it is the first industrial plant seen upon entering the boundary of Iligan City from Misamis Oriental. Colorful with flowering bougainvillas & other hedges, the RCP complex includes a guest house and plant facilities itself.

Location: Assumption Heights
9.5 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

MCCI is the first and only carbide producer in the Philippines organized in 1952 as a bold venture into the area of electro-metallurgy. MCCI produces (2) basic types of electro-metallurgical products namely: Calcium and ferroalloys such as ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, silicomanganess and silico chrome. It also produces acetylene for the battery industry. Part of the complex is a pier capable of handling raw materials and finished goods.

Location: Barangay Kiwalan
9.0 kilometers from the city proper

Physical Features:

ICC is one of the top ten cement corporations in the country established in February 19, 1977 by Mr. Conrado Alcantara. This company is the 16th processing plant in the Philippines and the only local cement firm that has an automated loading system for bulk cement clinker exports.

ICC manufactures two types of cement: Premium and Rockland Pozzolana. Its products are sold to both foreign and domestic market. This is distributed to all over the land and is selling sastisfactorily with market developers (MADE) Inc. Facilitating distribution cement enjoy the stronghold in th emarket of Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East and Southeast Asian Countries.

Location: Barangay from the Filomena
7.8 kilometers away from the city proper

Physical Features:

One of the two copra solvent extraction plants in the city. It was established in 1975.

TIMOGA COLD SPRING – located in Barangay Buru-un, 9.2 kilometers away from the city proper. It is known for its pristine cool and crystal clear water freely flowing downstream to several swimming pools. They also have sheds, snack bars, cottages and lechon (roasted pig) stall available.

ABAGA SPRING – located between Barangay Suarez and Balo-I, 18 kilometers away from the city proper.

DITUCALAN SPRING I AND II – located in Barangay Ditucalan, 12 kilometers away from the city proper.

PANAGHOYAN SPRING – located in Barangay Kiwalan, 10.2 kilometers away from the city proper.

QUARRY SPRING – located in Barangay Kiwalan, 11.8 kilometers away from the city proper.

JARGIN SPRING – located in Barangay Kiwalan, 10.7 kilometers away from the city proper.

ANAHAWON SPRING – located in Barangay Dalipuga, 11.8 kilometers away from the city proper.

BAGONG SILANG – located in Barangay Buru-un, 9 kilometers away from the city proper.

SADYA-AN CAVE – Located in the deep forests of Rogongon. It is a three-chambered cavern with stalactite and stalagmites looking ominous to strangers. The cave is said to be inhabited by a creature from the other world which make it sacred to the natives.

BULALANG CAVE – located in Barangay Dalipuga, 11 kilometers away from the city proper.

MATOOG CAVE – located in Barangay Kiwalan, an underground spring,9 kilometers away from the city proper.

HINDANG CAVE – located in Barangay Hindang, 17.8 kilometers away from the city proper.



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