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GREET Program Phase 2



The Department of Tourism (DOT) with the Philippine Convention & Visitors Corp. (PCVC) launched in Year 2007 an ecotourism livelihood program entitled Grassroots Entrepreneurs for Ecotourism (GREET), in response to the directive of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to promote and safeguard the country’s eco-tourism sites by empowering the community through its involvement in provision of essential services for tourists (community-based ecotourism).

In the First Phase of GREET, the Secretariat received 432 applications nationwide. To date, a total of 117 proposals have been approved totaling P18.8 million worth of grants, benefitting more than 8,000 individuals. Approved project proposals from Regions 1, 2 (except Batanes and Palanan), 5, 7 (except Siquijor and Samboan), 8, 12 and 13 were fully awarded and granted. Grant implementation is ongoing in Regions 2 (Palanan), 4 (Talisay and Pagsanjan) and CAR. Preparations for awarding and implementation are on-going in Batanes, Siquijor and Regions 9, 10 and 11.

The Second Phase of the GREET will re-open the program for grant applications from December 2009 to March 2010. However, accepted applications will be limited to community-based organizations and associations in ecotourism areas as proponents. Monitoring and marketing of the 1st batch of the Grant Recipients will also be put in effect during this phase.


The Grassroots Entrepreneurs for Eco-tourism (GREET) program has been conceived to enhance the livelihood opportunities for community organizations that can best explore the inherent tourist drawing potentials of ecotourism sites which can readily be sources of income within their respective locale.

The GREET Program provides grants up to Php100,000 (in-kind) to deserving community-based groups/organizations and associations with feasible entrepreneurial/business proposals in ecotourism sites in the country. Preference is extended to young entrepreneurs. The criteria for evaluation guide the selection of Grant Awardees.

• Primary Objective
To develop the GREET Program as an effective socio-economic mechanism responsive to forging of balanced ecotourism environment and preserving cultural heritage thereby resulting to favorable improvement in national economy and community.

• Secondary Objectives
1. To encourage community organizations in ecotourism sites to engage in tourism-related businesses and services that explore local ingenuity and creativity by using local materials and employing local talents;

2. To develop pioneering industries that could spur local economic growth that in turn would sustain the maintenance of eco-tourism sites;

3. To create a favorable local business environment and positive attitude by educating the community to be responsible entrepreneurs who will safeguard and ensure sustainable management of their ecotourism sites;

4. To promote the development of products that will satisfy visitors’ needs while positioning the Philippines as a globally competitive eco-tourism destination.

In pursuit of the continuing advocacy to empower communities for sustainable development of ecotourism areas and to provide tourism business opportunities in the countryside, the DOT and PCVC is now reopening the Program for a second batch of applications for GREET Livelihood Grants.


Application Period:
Business Proposals will be accepted from 01 December 2009 to 30 March 2010

Who can apply?
Eligible to Apply:
• Applications will be open to grassroots community-based organizations and associations to encourage community-based ecotourism and maximize the potential benefits from the grants. A grassroots organization/association is defined as a legally-recognized group composed of youth, ordinary laborers and/or working class citizens as members (i.e. boat operators associations, senior citizen and youth organizations, local guide associations, etc.);

• The organization or association must be operating within the town where the ecotourism site is located;

• The organization or association must be registered with the appropriate government agency, i.e. SEC, DSWD, LGU, DOT, DOLE, DTI, MARINA and others;

• Merits will be given to organizations or associations that have demonstrated successful delivery of programs for the community and/or have a well-developed network of key stakeholders and private sector partners;

• Must manifest functionality: regular meetings and must have at least a minimum amount of organizational funds to sustain the current operational level of its existing activities and projects (funds from dues, membership fees, and other income generating projects).

Not Eligible to Apply or Not Qualified for Grants:
• Individual applicants
• Members of the organizing committees and project implementing officers
• Partner organizations (Tourism Councils)
• Local government offices (including provincial and municipal tourism offices and Barangay and SK Councils)
• Organizations that have been recipients of GREET grant – Phase 1

Application Requirements
Applicants are required to submit the following:
1. A fully accomplished GREET Application Form
2. Business Proposal (must be based on published GREET Template)
3. Proof of legitimate existence and capacity to enter into contract, e.g. Articles of
Association/Incorporation duly filed and approved by appropriate government
agency (SEC, DSWD, DOT, DOLE, DTI, MARINA and others);
4. Mayor’s Permit (if business is already existing);
5. Barangay Clearance; and
6. Endorsement from their respective DOT Regional Office.

For newly-formed organizations with pending approval of registration from appropriate government agencies, the proponent may instead present proofs of application for registration, i.e. copy of submitted Articles of Incorporation and Official Receipt on payment of registration fee.

Applicants are also required to indicate in their proposal their complete mailing address and contact details (phone, mobile, fax and e-mail) for proper coordination.

How to Apply:
1. Eligible organizations are invited to submit innovative, creative, well-planned
and environment sustaining business proposals in ecotourism sites. Priority
consideration to the project location on the basis of:
• Rich in natural and cultural attractions
• Authentic and unique features
• Special interest activities and educational experience for the visitors
• Accessible
• Relatively comfortable facilities e.g. lodging accommodation, place to eat, water supply, etc.

2. Interested parties may secure application forms from their respective DOT Regional Office or at the GREET Secretariat Office (Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation, 4th Floor Legaspi Towers 300 Roxas Boulevard, Manila). Forms may also be downloaded from the GREET website at http://www.wowpinoy.net/greet. Business Proposals must be based on the GREET Program Business Plan Template.

3. Complete Applications and Business Proposals must be submitted to the DOT Regional Offices on or before 15 March 2010;

4. Applications submitted directly to the GREET Secretariat will not be processed;

5. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first served basis;

6. For further information or queries on the application requirements and procedures, interested parties may contact the GREET Secretariat by:
Mail: GREET Secretariat c/o Philippine Convention & Visitors
Corporation (PCVC)
4/F Legaspi Towers 300, Roxas Boulevard, Manila

Phone: (632) 525 9318 locals 268 / 244 / 279
(632) 525 1255 (telefax)

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Nature of Grant
Grants will not be given in money value or cash, but in the form of equipment, tools, materials, training, and other in-kind items as identified for the operation of the approved business proposal. Grants will not include labor cost and other operating or maintenance expenses as these are considered as the proponent or applicant’s counterpart in the business.

Notice of Grant Approval
Proponents of the approved applications will be officially notified by the GREET Secretariat via
mail/courier and/or e-mail and copy furnished their respective DOT Regional Office.


A. Regional Level
DOT Regional Offices will accept, screen, and endorse proposals based on a pre-determined list of tourism products and services with supply gaps in their respective regions.

DOT Regional Offices will endorse the screened proposals to the GREET Secretariat as soon as possible. Applications received from the Regional Offices will be processed by the Secretariat on a first-come-first-served basis.

B. GREET Secretariat
The GREET Secretariat will only process applications screened and endorsed by the concerned DOT Regional Office, for evaluation of the Screening Committee and approval by the Secretary of Tourism. Unscreened applications and those without endorsement will be returned to the Regional Office for appropriate action.

C. Applications referred by the Office of the Secretary
The above items A & B guidelines will also apply to applications/proposals directly submitted to the Office of the Secretary.

The GREET Secretariat will refer applications/proposals that are beyond the scope of the GREET Program to DOT Finance for possible funding allocation in appropriate DOT program.

III. Evaluation & Validation

A. Pre-Evaluation Screening
• The Greet Evaluation Committee (GEC) will review DOT Regional Office-endorsed and screened proposals, and shortlist applications for on-site validation;

• Applications are pre-selected in terms of how well they meet the GREET program mechanics and objectives. Project Proposals should:
1. Encourage the development of an enterprising culture within the local community without jeopardizing or sacrificing the sustainable management of natural and cultural resources of the ecotourism site;
2. Provide good value for money and realistic projections or process of implementation;
3. Be relevant to the development of ecotourism / tourism in the area or region;
4. Be technically and financially viable;
5. Promote preservation and respect for indigenous culture and practices; and
6. Promote environmental education and protection through appropriate plans, standards, policies and practices.

B. On-site Validation
• A Validation Team composed of representatives of the GREET Evaluation Committee, Secretariat and DOT Regional Office will conduct on-site validation and inspection of short listed applications to verify and substantiate the claims and information stated in proposals.

• Inspections will not be disclosed to proponents until a day or two days prior to the visit of the team.

C. Final Evaluation
• After the onsite validation, the Evaluation Committee will re-convene to review all the merits of the proposal.

• Applications will be assessed and graded through a “Point Rating System” as follows:
Criteria Points
Originality, uniqueness of the project and creativity 20
Viability of implementation and projections 20
Economic impact and job creation 20
Promotion of natural and cultural preservation 20
Growth potentials 20
Total 100

• Grant Awardees will be selected based on a passing score of 80 points and above.

o The Greet Evaluation Committee will recommend business proposals that passed the selection process for approval of the Secretary of Tourism.

o In cases of similar projects, the Greet Evaluation Committee may, as an option, ask applicants to consider collaborating in broader partnerships. It may also impose whatever conditions it deems advisable in the approval of an application.

D. Awarding and Implementation of Grants
The GREET Evaluation Committee will submit its recommendation for the Grant Awardees to the Secretary of Tourism for final approval. Once approved by the Secretary, the Regional Office and the Turismo Mismo group will be informed accordingly.

Notice of Grant Approval
The GREET Secretariat will officially issue the Notice of Grant Approval to the Proponent by mail/courier and/or e-mail.

Nature of Grant
The grants to be provided will be in the form of equipment, tools, materials and other items required for the operation of the approved business proposal. Grant will not include labor cost and operating/maintenance expenses.

Grant Amount
Maximum grant amount is Php100,000. However, the grant amount may exceed Php100,000 if deemed necessary by the GREET Evaluation Committee to ensure the success of the project.

Capacity Building
Turismo Mismo will conduct Culture of Tourism and other capacity-building workshops for the beneficiaries as pre-requisites for awarding of grants.

Other Requirements
Grantees will be required to submit the following prior to awarding of grants:
• Certificate of Registration (SEC/DOLE/LGU)
• Business Permit
• MARINA/BFAD (as applicable)

Ceremonial Awarding of Grants
Turismo Mismo will award the Certificates of Entitlement to beneficiaries after the capacity-building workshops and the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement.

Purchase of Grant Items
The DOT Regional Offices will assist in the purchase/release of grant items that are available in their respective regions. Turismo Mismo will purchase grant items in Manila and other areas outside of the region.

Grant Terms and Conditions
Grant Recipients will enter into a legal agreement with the Department of Tourism (DOT). The Agreement will include conditions such as:

1. Project will be required to acknowledge the GREET Program. The GREET Logo must prominently appear on all promotional materials (printed or electronic) and store / establishment banners.
2. The legal agreement will address terms and conditions that include but are not limited to:
• Milestones, deliverables and performance measures
• Project budget
• Accountability Framework
• Contract default and termination clauses with associated remedies
• Monitoring and reporting requirements, including quarterly progress reports, financial audits and other reports that may be required.

3. The GREET Program Committee reserves the right to reproduce, use publish and distribute any intellectual property that has arisen out of the project to help promote the program.

4. Progress Reports by the grantee will be required every quarter for one year. Templates for such reports will be provided by the GREET Secretariat.

5. GREET Program Committee has the right to recover funds based on non-performance of contractual agreement.


Monitoring a project is important from a financial and administrative point of view. Not only does it ensure continuous delivery of efficient service from the grantees/grant awardees but also indicates and establishes the commitment of the implementing agency to the objectives of the program. It also gives valuable information to the implementing agency for evaluation of the program’s effectiveness and aid in future expansion or improvement of the program. It provides in-depth analysis of how the project has been carried out, whether outputs/inputs resulted in objectives sought by the program.

This document aims to establish monitoring and reporting guidelines for the projects which received a grant under the Grassroots Entrepreneurs for Ecotourism (GREET) Program of the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation. These guidelines have been developed to assist the GREET Monitoring agents and the Grant Recipients in preparing a detailed business status report.

1. To establish and ensure continued commitment of the implementing agencies to the objectives and visions of the GREET program;
2. To monitor project for consistency;
3. To ensure efficient delivery of service from grant awardees;
4. To measure the GREET program’s effectiveness and impact on target beneficiaries based on the businesses’ financial worth, growth of sales, client base, customer satisfaction and employee execution;
5. To evaluate the grantee’s capacity to manage and sustain their business beyond the GREET Monitoring Period of one year; and
6. To assess the GREET program’s opportunity for marketing development and improvement or expansion.

The GREET Recipients’ management and capacity to sustain their business on their own will be monitored and evaluated at a certain period. The GREET Evaluation Committee may recommend further assistance of GREET through product development, packaging, marketing and publicity.

Monitoring Activities
Activities / Task Responsible Agencies/Parties
1. Submission of Progress Report and Financial Report
by the Grant Recipient. Grant Recipient to submit report to DOT Regional Office
2. Validation and Certification of Reports. DOT Regional Office
3. Submission of Certified Reports and Evaluation by
DOT Regional Directors to GREET Secretariat. DOT Regional Office to submit reports to GREET Secretariat
4. GREET Secretariat to forward Reports to the
Evaluation Committee for review/recommendation
for the Tourism Secretary’s perusal and/or approval.
GREET Secretariat to the Evaluation Committee
5. GREET Secretariat to provide copy of any
recommendations as submitted by the Evaluation
Committee and approved by Secretary of Tourism for
appropriate implementation/action.
GREET Secretariat

GREET Monitoring Cycle

Monitoring Task and Responsibilities
a. DOT Deliverables
i. Contract Deliverables of DOT
ii. Monitoring Guidelines
iii. Evaluation Report

b. Grant Recipient Deliverables
i. Contract Deliverables of Grant Recipient
ii. Business Progress Reports
iii. Financial Reports


I. Marketing and Promotion of GREET Products and Services

A. Website Promotion
For marketing and promotion, GREET products and services will be showcased in the GREET website (www.wowpinoy.net/greet).

B. Familiarization Tours
Tour operators and the media will be invited for familiarization trips to GREET products that need marketing support and proper packaging.

C. Other Promotional Activities
The Secretariat will participate in tour expos and major events, tie-up with Go Negosyo and similar entrepreneurship organizations, and the LGUs to aggressively promote GREET products and services.

II. Micro-Financing for GREET Business Expansions
The beneficiaries will be encouraged to seek financial assistance from cooperatives, micro-finance institutions or private financial institutions for their business expansion.

The GREET Secretariat will also explore the possibility of tying-up with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (PCCI) Investing in Tourism Program.

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